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1st Character Generation – Ep71

Who’s the new guy?

This episode we welcome Shannon to the show. We asked her to join us so that we could record her first actual tabletop roleplaying game experience. We wanted her to get the full effect, so we decided to have a group character creation night.


This is the result of that… Sorry.



1st Character Generation – Ep71


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn


Intro: Dan

Outro: Jayson


Running Time – 26:44



Links to Items Mentioned:

Dungeons & Dragons

Forgotten Realms

World of Greyhawk

Lord of the Rings





Editor’s Note: Thanks to Cosplay Deviants for the great lead in, recorded at Gen Con 2012.


  1. 3rik
    3rik August 22, 2012

    That was hilarious. I would’ve liked to hear the rest of the character creation as well. Didn’t you record all of it?

  2. Eric
    Eric August 23, 2012

    Alas no, the only aspect of character generation we recorded was the class, race and stat portion.

    The good news is, we did record the actual play of Shannon’s first game and it will be released as soon as it is edited.

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