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A.G.E. System Review – Ep274


Rarely do we find a game that we all agree upon. Recently we sank our teeth into Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE rules and the TitansGrave setting. This is our review of it of one of those rare games.


Cast – Eric, Jayson, Mike & Dan


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  1. Scott
    Scott July 12, 2016

    Really like the AGE system. Can’t wait to listen to this one later this evening.

  2. Scott
    Scott July 12, 2016

    Good episode. A really accurate run down of the game. GR is currently concentrating on bringing Blue Rose over to the FAGE system. After that I’m really not too sure if there are current plans to bring anything else over to it, however. If there are GR is being pretty tight lipped about them. What I’d like to see is something like the OGL for it.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable July 17, 2016

      Thank you Jimmy. Fantasy AGE is a really cool system and we definitely recommend you play it.

      As for your cards, we’d love to check them out. If you want us to review them, contact to set it up.

  3. Mitch Moore
    Mitch Moore August 6, 2016

    Late to the party as usual but I enjoyed the episode. I’m curious as to your thoughts on where savage worlds sits for new players? I was hoping you’d mention it compared to AGE since you’ve played SW quite a bit. It does use polyhedrals but it is a slower progression game and had the archetypes to choose if a player needs some direction. I would say that it isn’t a success is assumed game though.

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