About Us

Some of us have been a part of this gaming group since 1984. The rest have been corrupted and brought along as the ages pass.


We are nerds, from before the time when being one was cool.We have played a lot of roleplaying, board, card and miniature games over the years and have become jaded and crass about them. We are opinionated elitists that love nothing more than bagging on the folly of others.


To us, PC means two things… Player Character & Personal Computer. If you are easily offended by toilet humor, foul language or the total depravity of the human condition, this podcast is probably not for you.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Patrick Ciraco says:

    Wow, great to know and hear mature gamers out there. Really enjoy listening to your stories, reminds me of days gone by. Started playing back in Oct 1981, played in a lot of interesting places and made a lot of friends over the years. Unfortunately my military career has posted me to a spot where its not so much anymore… and the Gamerstable show has ended up being my Saturday evening “game time”, amidst other sites and vlogs I follow. Please keep the shows going, you guys sound like a great bunch of gamers to hang with… maybe someday we could get a game going. Cheers.

  2. mark says:

    What happened to mark? U guys ever gonna do a shadow run actual play podcast.

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