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Actual Play Victoriana – Ep1

“For Queen and Country!” Reginald Higginbotham

After many discussions and disagreements, we decided to record a series of game sessions and release them as bonus content. It is very much an experiment for us and based on the feedback we get on this, it could be an isolated incident.


We present to you Victoriana: The Penelope Austin Case (Part 1)


We decided to chose a game that would be new to us, because we wanted to present something fresh. If we recorded one of our old standby games, like D&D or Shadowrun… let’s just say that we needed something new to add a spark to things.


We hope you enjoy.


Cast – Eric, Mike , Dan, Mark, Jayson & Shawn


00:00     Intro

00:22     Pregame: Why Actual Play?

01:15     Pregame: Character Introductions and Background Info

14:49     The Game Begins: The Penelope Austin Case Pt 1

51:49     Outro


  1. Q-man
    Q-man November 28, 2011

    This was really good, and I like the concept behind it. As I had mentioned in some other comment I’m interested in learning about other game systems. As you alluded to at the tail end of the recording, this is a decent way of getting to know about a new game setting. The discussions you had around the character generation where you reviewed the setting lore was perfect for that. I also would like to hear a bit about the game mechanics as well, but this recording didn’t seem to have a lot of opportunity for that.

    The advantage I see in your actual play podcast, that is missing from most others, is that you’re not well versed in the game. This means that you do take some time to talk about the setting and rules, which is exactly what I’d like to hear.

    Unfortunately I’m not terribly excited about the Victoriana game. There are a number of settings I would like to hear about though, so I’d like to see where this area of the podcast will be going.

  2. Chad Barnard (@cfallsgamer)
    Chad Barnard (@cfallsgamer) November 29, 2011

    Well I finally made it around to listening to this and I actually enjoyed it. I have listened to a few other podcasts that have done similar things as well as watched some videos of gaming groups in action. I personally like it. I only get to RPG once a week if I am lucky and am always looking for other ways to continue sharing the experience even if I am not playing.

    Honestly the victoriana setting did catch me off guard simply because I haven’t done anything in that setting before. But I rather liked the change. I really haven’t done anything other than sword and sorcery fantasy settings. Our group played with the idea of doing a romanesque setting when we started our current campaign but stuck with fantasy with a side of high seas. One thing we always have debates about with settings other than fantasy is in regards to gunpowder weapons. We haven’t gone down that road just yet but I have a feeling it isn’t too far off for us.

    I have liked the talk you guys have about numerous games and really continues to open my eyes and mind to other opportunities. Now to just some how convince my current group to try something different or find other gamers to join up and give things a go. Neither option will be easy. lol


  3. Chris Pond
    Chris Pond February 8, 2012

    I really enjoyed this! I have only listed to episode one and I have to say that is is a very good podcast with lots of actual gaming, great characters and a high quality of actual roleplaying.

    I really like the Victoriana setting and this has definitely piqued my interest further. I might have to run it sometime soon!

    Oh, I’m loving the British accents – good job!

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