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Actual Play Victoriana – Ep3

“Why do people do business with people with no face?” The Major.

We continue the Case of Penny Austin.


In this episode,  the fallout of the Halfling Pub Massacre results in the apprehension of the Halfling actor. A carriage is arranged for and a plan is hatched.


Running Time – 46:56



Eric – Narrator/Game Master

Mike – Dr. Vijay Safidbahd

Dan – Major Winston Parimore Barrington III, Ret.

Mark – Ford ‘Brick’ Maddison

Jayson – Lt. Reginald Higginbotham

Shawn – Lazlo Tiberius Beckford


00:00     Last Time

05:03     Intro

05:27     The Game Continues: The Penny Austin Case Part 3

46:11     Outro

One Comment

  1. Ras
    Ras August 19, 2012

    10 pound for a penny. What a deal!
    Or or or “In for a penny in for a pound” Here Mayweather got “In the pound for a penny.”
    This was just as great to listen to as Whil Wheaton’s Fiasco session.
    And what a great endorsement of Victoriana I want the core book now.
    Great job! Do do more of these.

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