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Actual Play Victoriana – Ep5

The Case of Penny Austin concludes.


The group meets the “master” behind Ivan and get a glimpse into the madness that created him.


Running Time – 49:33



Eric – Narrator/Game Master

Mike – Dr. Vijay Safidbahd

Dan – Major Winston Parimore Barrington III, Ret.

Mark – Ford ‘Brick’ Maddison

Jayson – Lt. Reginald Higginbotham

Shawn – Lazlo Tiberius Beckford

Jennifer – Dr. Selina Ashbrooke Cornell


00:00     Last Time

01:07     Intro

01:27     The Game Concludes: The Penny Austin Case Finale

48:47     Outro

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  1. Kallisto73
    Kallisto73 January 21, 2012

    Hi guys,
    I just listened to your actual play of Victoriana (all eps). And I would like to say I enjoyed it very much. Following this, I checked your archives and am now going to listen to all your eps.
    Keep on ‘casting!

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