Adapting Material – Ep265

Adapting Material – Ep265

Adapting material

Every adventure does not need to be an original masterpiece of storytelling. Sometimes you just want to play the game and maybe use material from another edition, or another game altogether.


Cast – Shannon, Bruce (Dan), Eric, Jayson, Shawn, Brandon and Mike


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10 thoughts on “Adapting Material – Ep265

    1. This is true. B2: Keep on the Borderlands is a Basic D&D module that used to be bundled with the Basic rules boxed set. There was no definite game world then, but by the Expert Set much of what was produced under the “D&D” banner eventually fell into the Mystara game world (known for places like the Isle of Dread). Greyhawk of course was the default world for “AD&D” modules at the same time. I believe the Keep’s original canon location is in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.
      What is nice about Keep is its generic quality. Because of the ease of Basic rules and the simplicity of the “sand box campaign” map, you can easily fit B2 into any game world and any fringe location in my opinion. In regards to Greyhawk specifically they made a sequel Return to the Keep on the Borderlands that put B2 in the Yeomanry, but the attempt was clunky. Likewise there was a novelization of Keep that was allegedly set in Greyhawk but I’ve yet to read it to see how grounded it is in the setting.
      None of this shocks me of course because Greyhawk is a patchwork setting and has also for example borrowed the Isle of Dread from Basic D&D.

    2. So to clarify, when I say the Keep isn’t in Greyhawk I actually mean it shouldn’t be. I prefer to give the credit to Basic D&D and think Greyhawk should try to stick to it’s own canon.

      1. I must’ve missed something. Temple of the Spider using Fantasy AGE? Awesome! I’d like to hear more about this as well. FA is a great set of rules. I’m hoping to see more of it as time goes on.

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