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Blow Ups – Ep69

Sometimes you need an enforcer at the table to maintain order.

Gamers sometimes take the games they play way too seriously. Sometimes that leads to confrontations. What causes the blow ups between players, or even with players and the game-master? We look at this all too common occurrence at the table.


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Thanks to Jesse Foster for giving us this topic to work with.


Blow Ups – Ep69


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Intro: Shawn

Outro: Eric


Running Time – 32:31


Links to Items Mentioned:

White Wolf Publishing

Dresden Files RPG 

Zak S


Gen Con

Alpha Omega

Team Fortress Classic


Dungeons & Dragons


  1. shortymonster
    shortymonster August 7, 2012

    AAAAH! I’ve just decided to start listening to some RPG podcasts, and now there’s another new one! I promise I’ll get round to it.

  2. Brian
    Brian August 20, 2012

    All are very good, I particularly like the recent one.

    As far as blowups go, I too mostly remember them from my younger days for the very reasons mentioned in the podcast. The last one was a year or so back between players as one of them had a somewhat caustic playstyle. I believe it boiled down to someone who WANTED to play Evil, but who lacked the experience to play sophisticated evil. Evil doesn’t mean stupid.

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