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Books – Ep44

If you haven't started The Wheel of Time, what are you waiting for?

Back in episode 8 (Inspiration… aka 4 Loko) we touched on a few books or series that we love, but we really didn’t give the medium a fair shake, so we’ve devoted an entire episode to them.


This is an episode loaded with recommendations. Please see the bottom of the show notes for a list (and links) of all authors mentioned.


Books – Ep44


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Greg, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 37:58


00:00     Intro

00:30     Topic: Books

00:47     TANGENT: Episode 8 Inspirations & 4 Loko

01:09     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Audible, Gen Con

01:34     TANGENT: Audiobooks

01:56     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Stargate, Warhammer 40k

11:51     TANGENT: R A Salvatore and Mark

12:36     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Lord of Illusion, World of Darkness, Victoriana

18:06     TANGENT: Jayson’s Quest for Earthsea

Items Mentioned:

19:42     Back to Topic

20:00     TANGENT: Hollywood and the Horse-faced Woman

Items Mentioned: Armageddon, Deep Impact

20:51     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Kate Redding & Michael Kramer, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Twilight 2000

37:12     Outro




Authors & Works Mentioned (in order mentioned with link to author’s page if available):

Ludlum, Robert – (Jason Bourne Series)

Hammilton, Peter F (Void Trilogy) – Pandora’s Star

Weber, David

Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J – Hellhole

McDonald, Sandra Outback Stars

Martin, George R R – (Song of Ice and Fire) Dance with Dragons

Thorpe, Gav – (Horace Heresy) Deliverance Lost

Reynolds, Anthony – (Word Bearers) Word Bearers Omnibus

Abnett, DanEisenhorn, Ravenor, Gaunt’s Ghosts

Flemming, Ian – (James Bond)

Crispin, Ann C – (Han Solo Trilogy)

Leonard, ElmoreComplete Westerns, 3:10 to Yuma

Willams, Sean (Star Wars) The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance

Carpenter, Leonard – (Conan) Conan and the Crimson Brotherhood

Lee, BruceTao of Jeet Kune Do

Luceno, James – (Star Wars) Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, Darth Plagueis

Stover, Matthew – (Star Wars) Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Salvator, R A – (Star Wars) Vector Prime

Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer

Weeks, Brent – (Night Angel Trilogy)

Zelazny, Roger – Lord of Light    

Hearn, Lian – (Tales of the Otori) Across the Nightingale Floor

Yamamoto Tsunetomo – Hagakure

Miyamoto Musashi – Book of Five Rings

Parker, Ingrid J – (Sugawara Akitada) The Dragon Scroll

Kadrey, Richard – (Sandman Slim) Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead

Butcher, Jim – (Dresden Files)

Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere, American Gods

Lovegrove, James – (Pantheon) Age of Odin

Le Guin, Ursula – (Chronicles of Earthsea)

Grahame-Smith, SethAbraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Pratchett, Terry

Adams, Douglas

Tolkien, J R R – The Hobbit, Children of Hurin

Leiber, Fritz – (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser)

Cook, Glen – (The Black Company)

Lyons, Steve – (Warhammer 40,000) Dead Men Walking              

Traviss, Karen – (Star Wars: Republic Commando)/(Gears of War)

Jordan, Robert – (Wheel of Time)

Sanderson, Brandon – (Wheel of Time)

Heinlein, Robert – Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers

Asimov, Isaac

Clancy, TomRainbow Six

Baldacci, David 

Koontz, Dean – (Odd Thomas) Brother Odd

Ambrose, Stephen – Band of Brothers, Undaunted Courage

Priest, Cherie – (Clockwork Century) Boneshaker, Clementine, Dreadnought

Bellantine, Pip & Morris, Tee – (Ministry of Peculiar Occurences) Phoenix Rising, The Janus Affair 

Stephenson, NealSnow Crash

Chuck PalahniukRant

Editor’s Note:

Apologies for the sound quality. One or two of the mics were not configured correctly.


  1. this_is_Dan
    this_is_Dan February 14, 2012

    I feel really bad that i left out one of my most favorite series of all time: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Any other good series or one-offs that we left out?

    • Jayson
      Jayson February 15, 2012

      How did I go through that without mentioning Harry Turtledove? Guns of the South – great book – and The Southern Victory series – chilling tales of a mad world had the CSA been victorious at Gettysburg. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy (hard sci-fi coloization of Mars) and The Years of Rice and Salt – great story of Alt-History. Robert Silverburg’s The World Inside – a scary look an overpopulated Earth. Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama Series – this should be a movie trilogy. Fred Saberhagen’s Lost Swords – fun fantasy with gods forged blades. David Brin’s Startide Rising and The Uplift War – talking chimps, dolphins and a galactic space war. Star Wars books: Tales From …, Death Star and Millenium Falcon – fun reads. Kurt Gambastiani’s Alt-History Fallen Cloud Saga: Cheyenne warriors riding dinosaurs against the Blue Coats. Cheesy, but fun.

  2. Robert GrumpyCelt Sullivan
    Robert GrumpyCelt Sullivan February 15, 2012

    I usually do have audio books playing in the background when I am cooking or baking, in addition to when I am on a long drive.

  3. Skunkape
    Skunkape February 15, 2012

    Dead Men Walking is the first 40k book I’ve read and I thought it was a great book as well. I’m a Necron and Black Templars player so I enjoyed the invasion part of the book. That was mostly why I picked it up!

    • this_is_Dan
      this_is_Dan February 15, 2012

      Ah Templars excellent choice.. but this Necron business we need to talk about you Xeno Scum!

      • Alex Swingle
        Alex Swingle February 18, 2012

        I dare you to say that again, starin’ down the barrel of a pulse rifle…..For the glory of Ze- I mean, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!

  4. Dan
    Dan May 10, 2012

    A song of ice and fire basically got me back into books. As a truck driver, my whole week is a long drive. I have audible and spend alot of money there. That along with you guys, action nerds, music, and a little sat. radio, I get down the road. I am currently on the Inkheart series, apparently I am one of the few that really liked the movie.

    • Dan
      Dan May 10, 2012

      Im glad you guys covered this as good book recommendations have slowed. I hate to buy a book and just be bored with it. Also Roy Dotrice did most of the game of thrones audiobooks and has a part in the show.

  5. Ras
    Ras August 20, 2012

    You mention Terry Pratchett and I love those book. Read all of them and some of them more than once. Moreover the audiobooks read by Stephen Briggs are also really good.

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