Hello and Welcome to Gamerstable…

CastName: Eric

Classified as: Complete Bastard

Patron Deity:  Muad’dib

Affiliation: Shosuro Clan




Name: Mike

Classified as: DM

Patron Deity: Thor

Affiliation: The Seekers





Name: Dan

Classified as: Editor

Patron Deity: The Omnissiah

Affiliation: None (that’s lame)




CastName: Brandon

Classified as: Sporty Spice

Patron Deity: Diablo

Affiliation: Pipe Layers Local 69




CastName: Shannon

Classified as: Contract Killer

Patron Deity: Matt Smith

Affiliation: Agents of MUM




CastName: Jayson

Classified as: The Derailer

Patron Deity: None (“Hokey religions and ancient weapons…”)

Affiliation: Browncoats



CastName: Shawn

Classified as: Street Samurai

Patron Deity: The Almighty Dollar

Affiliation: Mandalorians





Occasional Cast, Guests and Past Cast:

Name: Greg

Classified as: Dangerous

Patron Deity: Deep Resonance

Affiliation: Gaunt’s Ghosts


Name: Mark

Classified as: Meat Popsicle

Patron Deity: Mustaine

Affiliation: The White Council


Name: Aaron

Classified as: Sleeping

Patron Deity: Iggwilv

Affiliation: Little Finger


Name: Deuce

Classified as: Power Gamer

Patron Deity: None (unless they give a bonus)

Affiliation: None (all his party members die)


Name: Dave

Classified as: Classified

Patron Deity: Cthulhu

Affiliation: Time Lords


Name: Chasity

Classified as: Mom/GM

Patron Deity: (unknown)

Affiliation: (unknown)















2 thoughts on “Cast

  1. Still needs more Greg. Also could you talk to other people that game? I enjoy hearing what you all say, but if this is about the gamer shouldn’t there be other gamers interviewed? Just a thought. And more Shannon. Maybe in a Cosplay outfit or something. She’s hot.

    • Greg is on as frequently as he is able to be. It is certain, if we had more clamor for him, he may grace us with his presence more.

      We try to include other perspectives when they present themselves. Unfortunately, there are few that are available to give it when we record our episodes. We have used Skype on occasion to have an “outside” voice involved. Sadly the sound quality is lacking so we have relegated its use to special occasions.

      Shannon’s cosplay is in its infancy, meaning she is not quite comfortable making a complete public spectacle of herself… yet. But I am sure Mark, Jayson or Greg would be willing to sport a skimpy get-up or two. Then again, that may repel more than it attracts.

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