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Hello and Welcome to Gamerstable…

GtbEricName: Eric

Classified as: Complete Bastard

Patron Deity:  Muad’dib

Affiliation: Shosuro Clan




Name: Mike

Classified as: DM

Patron Deity: Thor

Affiliation: The Seekers





Name: Dan

Classified as: Editor

Patron Deity: The Omnissiah

Affiliation: None (that’s lame)




GtbBrandonName: Brandon

Classified as: Sporty Spice

Patron Deity: Diablo

Affiliation: Pipe Layers Local 69




GtbShannonName: Shannon

Classified as: Contract Killer

Patron Deity: Matt Smith

Affiliation: Agents of MUM




GtbJaysonName: Jayson

Classified as: The Derailer

Patron Deity: None (“Hokey religions and ancient weapons…”)

Affiliation: Browncoats



GtbShawnName: Shawn

Classified as: Street Samurai

Patron Deity: The Almighty Dollar

Affiliation: Mandalorians






Name: Brandi

Classified as: Tiefling

Patron Deity: Unknown, but Jayson swears it’s evil.

Affiliation: Claremont Academy















  1. Rick

    Still needs more Greg. Also could you talk to other people that game? I enjoy hearing what you all say, but if this is about the gamer shouldn’t there be other gamers interviewed? Just a thought. And more Shannon. Maybe in a Cosplay outfit or something. She’s hot.

    1. Gamerstable (Post author)

      Greg is on as frequently as he is able to be. It is certain, if we had more clamor for him, he may grace us with his presence more.

      We try to include other perspectives when they present themselves. Unfortunately, there are few that are available to give it when we record our episodes. We have used Skype on occasion to have an “outside” voice involved. Sadly the sound quality is lacking so we have relegated its use to special occasions.

      Shannon’s cosplay is in its infancy, meaning she is not quite comfortable making a complete public spectacle of herself… yet. But I am sure Mark, Jayson or Greg would be willing to sport a skimpy get-up or two. Then again, that may repel more than it attracts.

  2. Ordo Monstrum

    I started listening to you guys for the “Tower of the APE” story (I know it was from actual play but it was a GREAT story) and I wanted to say “WELL DONE!” and “BEYOND AWESOME”. I have listened to what seems like a BILLION other podcasts where everyone seems to be trumped up GMs who make a thousand “inside jokes” an episode and while they WANT you to love and support them, they tend to still make you feel like you’re just not one of them. You guys just talk about what you’re passionate about and when you DO make “inside jokes” you tend to explain em. So Thanks for including the listeners in on it. :)
    You guys have an amazing show which is fun to listen to and I must say that because of you guys I have picked up the new Shadowrun and Savage Worlds and will be trying to find a group who doesn’t flake. Being a “grown up’ blows, especially for regular gaming. (Although you guys seem to be able to make that work.) Anyway, I’ve rambled on and on. I really just wanted to say THANK You for taking the time to do the show and share with the listening audience. Also this is going to be my 1st time at GENCON (a 30 some odd dream come true, lol) and I will be looking for “caramel dittos”? Lol So if a 6’9” 450lb guy approaches you, and asks for caramel dittos, don’t mace him, huh? :) Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!!!

    1. Gamerstable (Post author)

      Thank you so much!

      Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that others are listening, and don’t know all of our inside jokes. Being a gaming group for 30 years, we have a lot of them. What helps is that there are members of our cast who haven’t been in our group for that long, so we have to explain inside jokes frequently.

      We love the fact that you are getting a group together to play. Many of our listeners are adult gamers who have drifted from the hobby and if we can help get them back into it, even in a very small way, it makes all of what we do worth it.

      If there was one nugget of advice we could offer it is this, make it a part of your routine. In our experience game nights that are sporadic tend to peter out. Gamers (and nerds in general) are big on routine. Find a day, evening or such, that works for you as a group and stick to it rain or shine.

      Gen Con is a perfect destination for gamers. It really gets the gaming juices flowing. Not only are there hundreds (or even thousands) of games to play, but it is a meeting place for our community. It gets bigger every year and we love it. As for meeting us while we are there, please do so. If you follow us on twitter, we frequently will tweet where we are and what is going on with us during the con.

      We’ll save you some dittos.


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