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Category: Podcasts

Big20 – Starting New and Apathetic Players [S1E1]

Live stream every Sunday at 9pm central

Do you have a process when doing something new, and how do you get apathetic players engaged?


Chad (Fear the Boot)

Pedro (World Walkers)

Eric (Sidetangent Productions)

Theme Music: Battle Stations by Felipe Adorno Vassao

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Power of Gaming [Season 2 Finale]

For our season 2 finale a full table discusses the power of gaming, from how it’s positively affected our lives to how it can negatively affect our real lives.

Cast: Eric, Pete, Brodeur, Jayson, Shannon, Mike, and Brandon

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Returns to Gen Con

We’re back!!.. or well, we were back. Returning to Gen Con after a few years we’ve noticed a few things have changed. We are lucky to be joined by a new friend on this one, who we spent some (not too sexy-) time with and recount some of our trip and observations.

Cast: Eric, Pedro (from World Walkers Podcast), Brandon and Shannon

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