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Call of Cthulhu: The Penumbral Box

St. Louis. March 1924.

A mysterious crate was found walled up in a newly renovated warehouse. Its ownership is in question, in that it may belong to a local mob boss who used the abandoned warehouse to move illegal alcohol, or it may belong to the warehouse’s previous legal owner a rich and very powerful family with a tragic and esoteric past.

This story is a prequel to our own Stygian Fragment roleplay drama.


Walter Pappas – Micheal Waldschlager II

Nicholas Goetoke – Matthew Parody

Charles Falstaff – Kevin Smith

Pete Brinkley – Devon Kelley

Connor O’Shaunessy – Caleb Gillombardo

Keeper – Eric Ausley



Music by Tomas Grillo

Written and Directed by Eric Ausley