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DC Comics Reboot – Gamerstable Ep 11

Alex Ross… that is all I have to say.

This episode we talk about the upcoming DC Comics reboot of their universe. It is something that is not done very often, and especially to this extreme. This episode may not have to usual gamer-centric feel, but it certainly has the same nerd goodness that you have come to expect.


DC Comics Reboot – Gamerstable Ep 11


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan & Jayson

Running Time – 22:13


00:00 – 00:28      Intro

00:28 – 02:15      Topic: DC Comics Reboot 2011

02:15 – 03:24      TANGENT: Superman Blue/Superman Red & WB fucking it all up

03:24 – 05:37      Back on Topic

05:37 – 07:26      TANGENT: Superman Copyright Battle

07:26 – 08:41      TANGENT: Local Comic Book Opportunities & Digital Comics

08:41 – 10:04      TANGENT: Digital Movies & The Theater Experience

10:04 – 10:44      TANGENT: Jayson’s Superman History

10:44 – 12:27      Back on Topic

12:27 – 13:44      TANGENT: Keeping up with the (Geoff) Johns’

13:44 – 16:03      TANGENT: Dan’s Soapbox & Kids Reading

16:03 – 16:23      TANGENT: Free RPG Day

16:23 – 17:27      Back on Topic

17:27 – 18:49      TANGENT: More Lament for the Rural Comic Fan

18:49 – 19:20      Back on Topic

19:20 – 20:56      TANGENT: Art vs. Story

20:56 – 21:36      TANGENT: The Cobra Civil War

21:36 – 22:13      Outro





Games Discussed:

Dragon Age RPG (mentioned)



Web Sites/Companies Referenced:

Twilight Comics (where we game)


Kenzer  & Company


  1. Argon
    Argon July 3, 2011

    See If I where to reboot Superman the story would change a bit.

    Instead of finding Kal-el a real Clark Kent is born one day a meteor shower hits nearby Smallville. Crystal shards from the crash contain memories of a lost race named the Kryptonians. Some of these crystal shards contain full life data on actual kryptonians. Clark comes across this around age 13 Kal-el is downloaded into his body. First year is the internal battle between two souls. Clark starts to learn of some powers and has a hard time using them without Kal-el trying to surface. As such other kryptonian persona’s could also be downloaded into other individuals.

    Year three I would have the damaged remains of Brainiac hit earth Lex Luthor interested in such things studies the data banks. Brainiac merges with Lex Luthor and Lex builds a multibillion dollar empire with technology never before seen.

    Krypton was destroyed by Darkseid when they refused to bow to his leader ship. General Zod fought bravely against Darkseid ,but Krypton was lost. Now a slave planet where the few remaining Kryptonians serve Darkseid and mine it’s precious ores of Kryptonian. Brainiac saw to preserve the life essence of fallen Kryptonians and make its way to New Genesis However Brainiac was severely damaged and half of his storage shards where scattered across the universe.

    Don’t know how you reboot batman unless you make him a poorer kid who was the son of a detective. After his father dies in a gang shoot out young
    Wayne takes to vigilante justice and gets revenge on the gangs involved. He kills a few of the gang members and tries to live with the guilt of taking a human life. He fears the anger inside him will make him a monster like the gang members he killed. His struggle is internal and this batman is prone to fits of rage that make him blackout never remembering exactly what happens during those bouts of rage. Sort of a modern day berserker.

    Comics almost died when they went mainstream available everywhere. Marvel and DC would of went bye bye if not bought out by other companies. Comic shops also have only one distributor called Diamond not like you can shop around just one distributor. They have a net 7 policy which forces the local comic shop guy to pay for his merchandise every seven days instead of 30. So if your comic shop guy is cool throw him some business.

    Seen a lot of these guys go out of business not like it used to be where all comic shops had a regular run of customers. I prefer a physical comic book but understand the digital age is where to go. Don’t think digital media will remain inexpensive as it grows so too will it’s cost. Especially when your paying to avoid piracy issues that always existed but thats how they will sell you on the additional cost.

    Good podcast guys keep them coming!

  2. MikeB
    MikeB July 6, 2011

    That is one bad ass retelling of Superman!

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