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DEM GMs Talk – Ep276


With a short table, we decided to let the GMs just talk about GM stuff. A little more free-form than our usual episodes, it turned into a discussion of styles and lessons learned.


Cast – Dan, Eric and Mike


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  1. Danny
    Danny July 27, 2016

    So glad to have the old music back. We all know how much people in our community like change and I am getting older, so I STILL haven’t gotten over the change in the intro 😉

      • Danny
        Danny August 4, 2016

        No problem mate, you guys do a great job and the music and intro is just my personal preference. You are one of only 2 podcasts that I am watching my feed for a new episode each week and that I support on Patreon

  2. Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips August 7, 2016

    The thief’s game, the oceans 11 game? Use the leverage RPG. The PCs have overlapping skills but each pc shines in something. It mechanized the heist story the way hillfolk mechanized drama

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