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Doctor Who – Ep78

One of the most iconic and prolific television shows in history is Doctor Who.

Up until recently, in the United States, Doctor Who was relegated to the periphery of the science fiction fan community. With its cheesy special effects and weird characters, getting the attention of mainstream audiences was virtually impossible.


That has all changed now.


We talk about what we love about this beloved sci-fi show.


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Special Thanks to Nicholas Briggs for the beautiful intro.



Doctor Who – Ep78


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Dave, Mark, Jayson, Shannon and Shawn


Intro: Shannon

Outro: Shannon


Running Time – 32:58


Items Mentioned:

Doctor Who, David Bowie, Mask, Red Dwarf, Venture Brothers, Princess Bride, Monty Python, I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Palladium Books, Rifts, GURP, Mutants and Masterminds, Farscape, Neil Gaiman, Gen Con, Q Workshop




Doctor Who and the Doctor Who Theme are properties of the BBC.

The Doctor Who Theme – composed by Ron Grainer and arranged by Murray Gold

Mamma Dalek – Performed by F’d Up in Middle America (based on Mamma Mia – written by Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus & Stig Anderson)


  1. Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan October 9, 2012

    The Dr. Who RPG is fun – you can play “before” the time war, but also if a Doctor regenerates, then a different player runs the character. The game does a good job of capturing the feel of the show.
    Next year is indeed the 50th Anny – I and many others hope they pull out all the stops.
    And I don’t to think of anyone of the guys at GamersTable in a skirt. None of the guys have the butt for it.
    And Matt Smith has an odd shaped skull.
    Singing dalak made me snort the beer I was drinking.

    • this_is_Dan
      this_is_Dan October 9, 2012

      I really like the idea of rotating Doctors though with our group we would end up plotting against each other just to get to play the Doctor.
      Also beer through the nose = Gamerstable win!

      • Robert Sullivan
        Robert Sullivan October 10, 2012

        It was a nice, dark, Bulgarian beer, you bastards – and it did not quite come out my nose.
        I was in a Dr. Who game for a while and the GM was really flexible – the Time War never happened and two guys were running Time Lords. I ran a companion based on alter Bishop from Fringe.
        I did a review of a game some weeks ago.
        Nice episode. But Shannon needs to work on her Smith impression ’cause I did not believe it for a moment.

        • Shannon!
          Shannon! October 14, 2012

          Aw, man, I knew I should have spoke with a British accent… And perhaps said things like “Geronimo!”

  2. Keir
    Keir October 12, 2012

    Started running a Who game for my kid who has fallen in love with the Doctor. I got around the last Time Lord scenario by using the “Chameleon Arch”. In an episode with Tennent, he used this device on the Tardis which allowed Time Lords to disguise themselves as humans. Genetically, they became human and received new memories and histories. Their true persona was kept in an object similar to a pocket watch and I’m guessing that at a designated time the item would release the memories back to the Time Lord. According to the Dr. Who Wiki, the Time Lords would use this to kind of “first contact” alien races, living among them to understand them. It was also hinted at that there may be scores of Time Lords in hiding using this device because while disguised they cannot be sensed by other Time Lords.

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