Powergaming vs. Roleplaying – Ep2

Powergaming vs. Roleplaying – Ep2

Welcome back. In this week’s episode, we (attempt to) delve into a very common subject in the role-playing game world – Powergaming vs. Roleplaying.

Games Discussed:

Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Hero System, Conan RPG, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40K.




3 thoughts on “Powergaming vs. Roleplaying – Ep2

  1. Its interesting now that in 4E they introduced skill challenges, which in a way lets you power game your role play. Since you can bump up all of your skills to make the non-combat challenges much easier. I’ve yet to see anyone actually do that yet, though the pacifist cleric build was the closest I’ve seen to that.

    I would think that at some point some character’s role becomes the combat expert. At some point you need someone to make sure you survive the combats coming at you, so power-game choices need to be made. So the two aren’t mutually exclusive, its just hard to have the whole party use power builds and be able to easily work through non-combat situations.

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