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Metagaming – Episode 7

We talk about one of the most overused and misunderstood faux pas’ of gaming… the dreaded Metagaming.


Cast:  Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark & Jayson

Games Discussed:

Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Shadowrun, Car Wars


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  1. Q-man
    Q-man May 31, 2011

    You more or less answered my question. The micro-transaction model you described sounds like a reasonable way of distributing the content to the players and give the publishers a more consistent revenue stream.

    The main concern I’d have with that is that the content would become all crunch and no fluff. You’d buy the new class and it’d show up in the character builder for you to use, which is fine. Its just that a character builder is meant to let you play with options and see how all the bonuses stack, what its not meant to do is explain how all those numbers work in a game world. For example in D&D you might grab a feat thats based on Magic without knowing the lore or power source behind it. Then take that character into a setting like Dark Sun with magic is reviled and without knowing it make use of that feat which should have further implications in the world.

  2. Argon
    Argon June 5, 2011

    I figured It was time to leave a comment on your site as opposed to canonfire. I never liked meta-gaming prefer to embrace the character I’m playing and develop him/her. If I wanted to play myself in a game Mike Ditka and George Halas would be gods.Walter Payton would be the saint of running, and scoring.

    I create each character to be unique and can often establish what the character knows based on the history i created for them. Since I prefer a great role playing session over roll playing meta gaming leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    As a DM you try to put something in every adventure for each of your players. It’s not meta gaming it’s trying to create a enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This goes for players who think they are only responsible for playing the game. How you play different characters makes the game fun for the DM.

    I don’t have a problem with an occasional question to the DM on what a PC might know. However if it happens too often that means no thought went into creating the character other than from a purely power gaming perspective. I can say this because I DM’ed for over 20 years. Started as a player and took over DMing never looked back from there.

    I disagree with the statement you need to meta game to play Star Wars. It’s more a cop-out for people enamored with the genre. I need to meta game or I can’t play. I’m sure many of you have limited info on your campaign world that the DM has an abundance of information on. The game stills continues same for Star Wars.

    I agree digital gaming is the way the industry must turn too. This thing called social media in my opinion has an opposite effect as most people behave a lot more anti-social online then in person. I prefer face to face interactions as text can often be taken out of context. With that said the only game I can currently get in on is online and suffers from many bouts of lag time.

    Keep the podcasts coming and Mort you really need to break out of your shell a bit and DM a podcast session. If your party agrees and you still are adamant in doing so. Maybe one of them should step up and do so.

    On a side note if your party breaks character as often as you do topics this could be deterring our friend Mort from wanting to DM a podcast session. Just some food for thought.

    Best of Luck on your next podcast.


  3. MikeB
    MikeB June 10, 2011

    DM a podcast session? Nay! The only benefit of that would be Jayson could hear everything that is said due to the headphones. Beyond that, it’d be a nightmare in my mind.

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