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Inspiration – Episode 8

Inspiration can be found in many places, but for us it is definitely not at the bottom of a Four Loko can.


Cast –  Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark & Jayson


Games Discussed:

Shadowrun, Star Wars, Hero Clix, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer 40K, Ultima Online, Diablo, Rogue Trader


*Editors Note*

As it turns out, Four Loko is not illegal in our state. It is however banned from many college campuses and surrounding towns. Please use caution if you drink this… as it turns already questionable personalities into raving dinguses.


  1. Argon
    Argon June 11, 2011

    Back in high school one of my campaigns where set around a little known comic book put out by DC, It was called Claw the unconquered. A Huge Worg was terrorizing the Village of Border. One of two Rangers in the party tracked it down and found its lair in the outskirts of the village in a long abandoned shack near the Fellrev. Oddly enough it appeared that no other animal not even the chirping of a bird could be heard within a 100 yards of this shack. Heck nothing grew within a 100 yards of this shack either. There was no sign of recent victims or remains near the shack as well.

    Strange claw marks marked the door to the shack readying his spear, the ranger slowly pushed the door inward he saw what appeared to be a large man in the center of the room, in a fetal position and covered in matted fur. Sounds of rushed breathing grew the figure turned toward the ranger revealing a twisted mix of man and beast. It’s eyes grew red and its hands and feet where clawed, its jaw elongated and opened widely revealing a gapping maw.

    The creature seemed like it wanted to speak but something feral took over and the creature made it way quickly towards the ranger. Fangs and claws at the ready the ranger set his spear hoping to pierce the heart of this beast. The spear hit the creature dead center in the chest the shaft of the spear splinted from the force at which it was hit. Momentum carried the two into the shacks door ripping it off its hinges. The creature appeared unharmed by the spear clawing the rangers chest and face in two quick attacks.

    Knowing he would be hard pressed to retreat the ranger tried to grapple the beast. After a few rounds of the ranger managed to get a headlock on the creature . I an attempt to break the hold the creature forced itself back not breaking the hold but pinning the ranger to the floor with its back firmly pressed against the rangers chest.
    Knowing he was seconds from being mauled the ranger maintained a one armed lock around the creatures neck. He grabbed for the sickle given too him by a Druid friend as a symbol of friendship. The creature furiously attempting to break the hold tumbled with the ranger across the ground. Managing to grasp the sickle firmly in one hand he hit the creature in the neck and slid his other hand over the sickles blade and proceeded to cut forcefully through the creatures neck. After what seemed like an hour the creature lied still. Pushing the beast to the side the ranger struggled to his feat he could easily feel cracked ribs to his left side and stumbled into the shack.

    Various books and herbs where scattered about the shack. Torn links of armor littered the shacks floor. Yet a ridged blade emanating a strange aura appeared in perfect shape. Fearing he would not make it back without aid the ranger took the sword and used it as a crutch while he made his way back to the Village.

    While grasping the sword for just moments the ranger felt a strange presence. He had hoped there was not another beast looking for him. When the ranger arrived oddly enough his left side no longer ached and his breathing seemed unobstructed. He hastened his path towards his party. The renowned Priest Of Pelor St. Octovas Ecto healed the mild wounds the ranger suffered. Unbeknown to the party the ranger and the sword now shared a bond.

    If you want to know more maybe I’ll write up the full story later.

    Lets just say you should never go off alone otherwise you might regret it.

  2. jayson
    jayson June 14, 2011

    Thank you Argon! I used the name Valkaun for one of my all time favorite PC’s. You have just filled in the missing piece of where I got the name. I knew I got it from a comic, namely DC’s Who’s Who series from the mid 80’s. I used to think it was the Viking Prince, but it’s Claw the Unconquered! His name? Valcan!

  3. greg cueto
    greg cueto June 16, 2011

    Four loco is banned by the US Army and the US Air Force.

  4. Argon
    Argon June 17, 2011

    Yes Jason

    Valcan was DC comics answer to Conan which at the time was still published by Marvel Comics.

  5. Eric
    Eric June 17, 2011

    So following that logic, Valkaun is just a copy of Conan from the previous campaign. 😛

  6. Jayson
    Jayson June 20, 2011

    I don’t think that’s logic. The only thing those PC’s had in common was the region they were from. Fucker.

  7. Chris
    Chris July 24, 2011

    Patrick Swayze was in a movie Steel Dawn that was a Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic movie that had a fantasy feel. Check it out. I saw it a long time ago and remeber it being pretty good.

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