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Quirks, Clichés & Stereotypes – Ep 10

Welcome back to another episode of Gamerstable. This week’s topic is: Gamer Quirks, Clichés and Stereotypes. No this is not our last episode, we just wanted to give you one chock full of Gamerstable goodness. (Make sure you listen for the catch phrase… it might be beneficial.)

Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Jayson


Games Discussed:

Dungeons & Dragons, Aces & Eights


  1. greg
    greg June 21, 2011

    A word on Escapism:
    Most of the guys who commentate on this show know this but, I was deployed to Afghanistan with no power, no running water and other horrible living conditions. We had a rough mission and a pretty rough time. I was with 20 other Soldiers and we lived with 90 locals. I got back from a supply run and ran a game of D&D, I started a 5 hour session with 2 other guys and ended with 8 players. My platoon Sergeant allowed me to charge my laptop on the little generator we used to charge radio batteries because of the increase in morale. I converted 8 Soldiers in to geeks in less than 4 hours. We played every third day for about 3 to 4 hours for six months. Some guys haven’t played since, and some play today.
    Point of the story: In a rough enough situation, everyone needs an escape.

  2. Skunkape
    Skunkape June 21, 2011

    I know everyone considers Boba Fett as a cool character, because of his armor, I personally thought his armor sucked, not talking about its condition, I’m talking about the look/design. I liked the Storm Trooper armor much better. Also, I agree that the only thing that made him a great character was the fan fiction.

  3. Jayson
    Jayson June 22, 2011

    First off, I think the ultimate point all of us missed during recording was this: Boba Fett was defeated by the greatest character in movie history: Han Solo. Yes, he was blind, but Han Solo could probably shave a few parsecs off of his Kessel Run time (distance?) if he did it blindfolded/with hibernation sickness. Now that that is out of the way…

    I still think that Boba Fett got jobbed by a very petty George Lucas. No one from my generation, who loved Star Wars and who collected action figures, wanted any fig more than that of Boba Fett. Same goes for GI Joe: what fig did you want: Snake Eyes or Clutch? Boba Fett got respect from Darth Vader, Han Solo and the smoothest MF’er in the Galaxy: Lando. A few furtive scenes in Empire, a cocked head and a cradled blaster carbine – this was what Lucas gave us: Who the fuck was THAT guy? By the time Jedi came out, he was a Hutt toady and – if you accept Seth Green’s explanation – a man with a drinking problem that drank himself into the Sarlacc. All because George Lucas didn’t like the distraction that a bit of “scene dressing” was causing. He didn’t have a problem with resurrecting the character either, centering a massive amount of the movies’ plot around his fellow clones and their “father” Jango. Did Jango go out like a bitch? At least he didn’t get tossed out of a window by an old man.

    The EU gets trashed way too much. Sure, I finally got burned out on it too, but for 16 years (a VERY LONG 16 years), the EU was all we had. It was 16 years of will he or won’t he, there were three/six/nine/twelve scripts, lots of bad Star Trek and NOTHING on the silver screen to fill the void. The books and comics did that – and did it well. There isn’t a SW character that has appeared on screen that doesn’t have a name, an action figure and ridiculous detail on wookiepedia -all because of EU writers in comics, movies and role playing games. For that, I thank them.

  4. Jayson
    Jayson June 23, 2011

    Regarding Coruscant appearing in the prequels, Timothy Zahn had this to say at Celebration III:

    “Just to make it clear, I did not invent the planet…George Lucas had invented the planetwide city a long time ago. When I was starting the Thrawn Trilogy, they told me to coordinate with the West End Games source material, and they had it listed as the Imperial Planet. Well nobody names a planet ‘Imperial Planet,’ so I thought it needed a name, so I picked the word that means glittering: ‘Coruscant.’ Apparently, when it came time to choose a name [for the films], people persuaded George to go with Coruscant and be done with it. So I felt very vindicated — the tail wagging the dog. It was an honor to be slipped into the movies this way.”

  5. MikeB
    MikeB June 24, 2011

    On smelly gamers….”gamey” means smelly like tainted meat. If that makes any difference.

  6. Argon
    Argon June 27, 2011

    A lot of tangents in this one you guys are consistent. I think Jason wants vindication so either Starwars or Boba Fett will be the next topic. I also believe what Jason was trying to point out is the hype Boba Fett incurred during Empire Strikes Back, made him seem cool. In other words everyone expected him to play a bigger role and instead in Return this hype machine got bitch slapped.

    So the fans resurrected the character not unlike what I and Mort and plenty of other people do for the Greyhawk setting. Although wish there never was episode 1-3 the clone war cartoon was better written and the acting was superior to the prequel movies.

    Prequels never really see one that works out well probably would of been better off going the 7-9 route. What is the new threat or did the rebels live happily ever after. Seven could of been revenge of the Sith lords Eight the Search of the Jedi’s. Ok Jason thats enough Star Wars love on my part.

    First episode Shadowrun was not mentioned. Actually wish I had a chance to play the non-computer game version. The Shadowrun line of novels is the best game related novels that I have read. One thing Shadowrun lets you know is Dragons are really cool Douchebags and if your poor your probably an orc.

    My players feared me touching their dice as well. My players also feared my dice as one of my players forgot his dice and rolled three successive 1’s after using my dice. His character died and after that day all feared the brown dice. I only bought dice when I got to play instead of DM as the fear of my brown dice was well known and no one would allow me to roll them for my characters.

    There are many types of players and many types of DM’s. You have the I’m the director and none can diverged from my path. The lets see what happens random encounter DM really bad DM I call them. Let the dice determine the outcome DM which is fair though sucks when it would be better to avoid a PC or NPC death for the story or personal investment into the character. The give them enough rope to hang themselves DM I’ll admit I have some of this in me but only for players who spend a week underground in a dwarven city and are surprised by a stone door which for some reason they thought randomly appeared outside. The challenge but don’t kill aka pacifist DM not me PC’s kill my characters all the time no one felt sorry for Gro’lek the Goblin when the PC’s ended his life. A mixture of these are best meta-game players deserve to open the Mimic Treasure Chest with acid splash. Teach them to think their safe.

    Best of luck on your next podcast guys.

  7. J
    J April 6, 2016

    Fact check: Parachute pants aren’t the same as M.C. Hammer pants. This is how you can tell the difference between people born in the 70’s and those born in the 80’s. Parachute pants were simply pants made of a parachute material.

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