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Death, Retirement & Abandonment – Ep 12

We discuss character death, retirement, and abandonment. We bring up some past campaigns that we consider successes and those that petered out. We also drudge up the sore subject of the controversial death of one character.


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan & Jayson


Games Discussed:

Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Star Wars

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  1. Argon
    Argon July 11, 2011

    I Like Mort rarely got to play I DM’ed mostly.

    However because of my DMing my Trollborn barbarian character was abandoned at level 9. No one to continue dming him. My goal was for that character to go back home and reclaim his rightful leadership of his tribe.

    Played a few other characters over the years. The only character I was glad that died was my wild mage. It was a very poorly run campaign and it gave me the out I needed.

    Story is a great way to retire a character unfortunately things change and so too do a characters motivations. Only one member of our party died several times. My sister played a priest which rarely healed anyone but himself because some how he found himself in the middle of every battle. Heck even when I tried to leave the priest alone he still got hurt. All in all her character was raised several times and hovered on deaths door at least twice as often. When she retired him I made him the Saint of last stands St. Ecto.

    As Dm’s we accept death of characters easier then players because all of our creations and designs fall to the players more than players falling to our schemes. So if they only knew the flip side a PC death once in a while is nothing in the grand scheme of all things.

    Later Argon

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