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Sex in RPGs – Ep104

Two deviously hot chicks, booze and a dagger… nope, nothing could go wrong here!
Two deviously hot chicks, booze and a dagger… nope, nothing could go wrong here!

“Be fair, alright. Everyone wants Mr. Toad’s wild ride.” No truer words were ever uttered in modern culture. Being one of the greatest motivators in human history, is sex given fair treatment in RPGs?

Is it skewed because of the historical demographic of the roleplaying gamer or simply a product of the fantasy/ sci-fi tropes that inspired many of the early RPGs? Is the increase of females playing the game changing that perspective?

We weigh in with our take on it.


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Thanks to HyveMynd for giving us this topic to work with.


Cast – Eric, Mike, Shannon, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


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Dungeons & Dragons, Choke, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Trek, Mutants & Masterminds, Fight Club, Gen Con, Moonlighting, Kagematsu, The Boys, Darksun, Aces & Eights


  1. Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan April 9, 2013

    I should remake my review of the Book of Erotic Fantasy – it is a decent book, over all.
    Having a discussion of sex with adults can be tricky as it tends to bring out bad behavior and childish behavior in people. If a gaming group is nothing but sexually inexperienced males, then the situation will be worse. Honestly, talking about sex even in a “kissing happens and the lights go down” manner can be highly problematic depending on the group.
    One thing you didn’t mention is how this can be divisive for a group, how plays can be jealous if one dude is making it with the fictional woman (with her fictional hotness), how they will try to sabotage each other over this kind of thing a lot.

  2. hyvemynd
    hyvemynd April 9, 2013

    Hi guys. I really enjoyed this episode, and not just because you name dropp me so often (though that was a small part of it), but because you actually _talked_ about sex. I’ve listened to other cast who said they were going to talk about sex in roleplaying games, and then just didn’t. Not many people are willing to take the discussion seriously, so you all get big points just for doing it.

    You’re absolutely right in saying that the whole point of including sex in games isn’t the actual act itself; it’s the build up _to_ the act or the consequences resulting _from_ the act. You don’t need to, and shouldn’t, roleplay out sex at the table. That’s just plain creepy. But if you go around sleeping with everything in sight, _something_ is going to happen. The opposite is true as well though. Keep turning down other character’s advances and people (in the game world) are going to eventually assume something’s wrong with you.

    The best implementation of sex into an actual ruleset I’ve seen is Vincent Baker’s “Apocalypse World” and the teen supernatural romance horror spin off “Monsterhearts” by Joe McDaldno. Both games have “Sex Moves” – mechanical effects that trigger when two (or more) characters have sex, representing how messy and complicated the relationship between those characters has now become. I highly recommend both of those games.

  3. Brian
    Brian April 12, 2013

    Ok, great job as others have pointed out you really did nail the topic head on and I like that. Now on the disturbing side, I have a few notes here. The only thing you guys missed was the horror aspect.

    1.) V:TM book Milwaukee by Night has the single most disturbing sexual illustration I have ever seen in my life. TSR got flack for girls on altars? Try a girl post being raped by a prostetic while chained to a urinal. The villain is taking blood samples from guess where. From Ghouls to the Blood Bond, White Wolf has always pushed this envelope in ways I simply didn’t have the stomach for at my gaming table. Read about the blood bond and you really get how twisted relationships can get.
    2.) In my infamous Call of Cthulhu experiments I once punished a group of psychics with this jewel. Imagine your male players having to endure the sights sounds and smells of a young woman being violated while seeing others across the room painfully giving birth to alien things and dying in the process. I didn’t let them snap out of it until they realized, as the victims did, that they too would die in the same fashion.

    Stephen King once said something about going for the gross out if he couldn’t horrify his audience. American’s got this dark sickly stigma all over sex that frankly I often abused as a DM. I’ve had nice moments where the one unexpected night grew two characters somehow, but those are a bitch to pull off right. WAY easier in my opinion to use this stuff for cheap emotional thrills. *shrug*

  4. werebuffalo
    werebuffalo April 13, 2013

    Great episode, folks!
    I liked your observation that PCs having sex should have consequences. Absolutely! The 3.5/Pathfinder hybrid game I’m in now recently addressed this very thing. Our party hit town, and the 1/2 Orc Barbarian picked up a tavern wench and retired upstairs for a little fade-to-black.
    The next day, she threw him out of the bar, and gave him merry hell and mixed signals for the next couple of days.
    Later, we found out that she’s in the family way and looking at our barbarian. (It was almost certainly his fault). We had to evacuate her village to avoid a volcano, and sent her to safety. I just know that eventually our party will make our way to the city where we sent her, and there will be *hell* to pay.
    I’m expecting a wedding at crossbow point, myself.

    So, to make a long story short, consequences make for GREAT RP!!!!!

  5. MikeB
    MikeB April 21, 2013

    Great feedback everyone! I’ll certainly take this and work with it in the future.

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