Bards – Ep110

Bards – Ep110

Look out ladies.
Look out ladies.

In our quest to shine some light on the character types we play, we decided to talk about a very underused and misunderstood character class in fantasy, the bard.

Are they truly “Jacks of all trades” or are they merely under-powered when compared to the prime classes?

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Dan, Shannon, Dave, Jayson and Shawn

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Intro: Mark

Outro: Dan

Items Mentioned:

Dungeons & Dragons, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, A Knight’s Tale, Warhammer Fantasy, Braveheart, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Gen Con, Legend of the Five Rings, Wheel of Time, Conan, Bard’s Tale, I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

2 thoughts on “Bards – Ep110

  1. Oh Bards, the class left behind. In my day they used to make new players play bards because they were a touch of everything and who the hell else would play em eh?

    Favorite Bards I’ve seen:
    Leisure Suit “Barry” -Cowardly gangly runt of a man, specialized in mind control with lounge songs like ‘Don’t hurt Barry!’ and ‘Barry’s your friend!’
    “Benneee the Gnome Fighter” -Dwarven Bard specialized in drunken bare knuckles boxing matches featuring his favored enemy ‘Gnomes’. Would go into bardic drunken rants and spirals of insults that drew crowds. Would get crying desperate drunk and tell stories about his mother running off with a Gnome…

    Ah fun times.

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