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Weapons – Ep112

Look out he has a... WTF?!?
Look out he has a… WTF?!?

One aspect of gaming that has always caught our eyes is the weaponry used in the various games. Many times games are defined by the weapon rules that they use.


What are some weapons iconic weapons in games?


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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Jayson and Shawn


Intro: Shannon
Outro: Shannon


Items Mentioned:
Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonslayer, Snow White and the Huntsman, Legend of the Five Rings, Mad Max, Star Wars, Aliens, Shadowrun, Johnny Mnemonic, RoboCop, Chronicles of Riddick, Daredevil, World of Warcraft


Editor’s Note:
Poor Shannon. She was in this episode but we forgot to do mic checks and hers wasn’t on so she was edited out. If you listen really close you might hear her.

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  1. Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan June 4, 2013

    I would rather have a blaster at my side than some hokey religion. But I also want a laser-sword.

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