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Conan – Ep114

Frazetta... nuff said
Frazetta… nuff said

Conan is a popular character with us. He is inspiration for many of our past character concepts  and game campaigns, whether we knew it or not.

We discuss this iconic character and the dynamic, yet sad, artist who gave him life.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Dan, Shannon, Dave, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Eric

Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:

Conan, Rastan, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Dracula, Superman, Star Wars, Dresden Files, Jack London, Savage Worlds, Beasts & Barbarians, Tarzan, Kull, Cthulhu

Editor’s Note:

The beginning of the summer of 2013 we embarked on a project, the latest Roleplay Drama in our Openly Gamer Theatre series: The Tower of the Ape. This was recorded as we began that journey and lays out some of our ideas and expectations, but does not contain any spoilers.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the fine fellows from for their wonderful insight and in-depth discussions about our favorite Cimmerian, his creator and the world he created. You guys are true scholars and gentlemen.


  1. elderman
    elderman June 18, 2013

    What fun to hear the characters get introduced. The roleplay drama sounds great! Haven’t finished it yet, but wanted to quickly drop in to be the first to say: Shemites. The people of the land of Shem are the Hyborian equivalent of the real world ancient Jewish civilisation.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable June 18, 2013

      Thank you Elder. We are glad you like it.

      As for Shem, I’m glad you pointed that out. For the life of me I couldn’t remember.

  2. Karl Keesler
    Karl Keesler June 18, 2013

    Your editing and production on your actual plays are top notch. Its about the only actual play I will listen to. I wish more podcasts would take notice and follow. This beginning to the Conan campaign is great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brian
    Brian June 24, 2013

    (Strange it doesn’t seem to like my browser)
    I LOVE the characters and the indepth feel of this one. I don’t feel generic fantasy here, It somehow feels different and more gritty. Can’t wait for the rest of the live stuff, I think this campaign is going to be as fun to listen to as it clearly is to play.

    • Brian
      Brian July 11, 2013

      I must add a quote a friend said when we were gaming once. I apologize to our female membership, however it was a joke about machismo.
      Jason’s Famous Misquote of Conan:
      (referring to what was his favorite part of in Conan: The Barbarian)
      “Conan! What is best in life?”
      (Five gamers look around the table, the moment passes and the group has failed to correct him)
      “What? Well, That’s how Howard would have said it, and damn it that’s how I heard it.”


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