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Droids, Warforged & AI – Ep118

Do you really want this in your game?
Do you really want this in your game?

Some people love them in their games, some people hate them. When it comes to non-living characters, primarily PCs, are they too easy to exploit? Are they broken?

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Dan, Shannon, Dave and Shawn

Intro: Shannon

Outro: Shannon

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Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, War Machine, Mutants & Masterminds, I Robot, Star Trek, Shadowrun, Alien, Terminator, Doctor Who, The Matrix, Dune, A.I., Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica


  1. Brian
    Brian July 18, 2013

    I believe it is far more accurate to state that mechanics can be broken instead of characters. A character can be given flaws or put into situations where their psychological advantages are negated fairly easily. If you can balance this character as a DM simply by story choices, then I don’t feel you can fairly rule out the character type outright. Alternatively, if the system doesn’t properly balance one race’s abilities properly then it is a justifiable reaction to be cautious as a DM.

    I could easily play out the flaws of a synthetic character, and highlight them if given the chance, but I need a DM to provide the incentive and opportunity to role-play those flaws. If your only real weakness is lack of empathy, then a purely non-social campaign will reduce the impact of that flaw. A good RP player might try to highlight it anyway, but odds are he won’t get the chance.

    Personally, I feel the opinion of Rifts creator Kevin S. has a lot of logic: Acknowledge areas where you would have advantage logically as simple physics. Don’t fight a T-800 with your fists and expect it to be fair.
    Alternatively, don’t expect him to perfectly blend in at the local social affair either.

    I’d love to play a broken, outdated, rusty POS falling apart protocol droid in your next star-wars campaign. Nobody looks at C-3P0 as a bumbling badass now do they?

  2. Adam Rönne Idänge
    Adam Rönne Idänge October 27, 2013

    For AI Vs people I´d refer to Neuromancer: Ai´s can be people with a programed priority. “Skynet” can be extremely sad that “she” have to nuke humanity but at the same time it is her purpose, and she can´t help it and she knows it.
    (my real example is The Reporter in Deus ex HR)

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