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Awesome & Underrated – Ep122

You love it Dan!
You love it Dan!

To make up for the karma from a previous episode, we decided to present some things that we think do not get enough respect from our subculture.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Dan, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Jayson

Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:

Johnny Mnemonic, The Matrix, Green Lantern, Dead Pool, Hanckock, Daredevil (Director’s Cut), Heroes, Batman the Movie, Reign of Fire, A Knight’s Tale, Prometheus, Alien, Wonder Woman, My So Called Secret Identity, Unbreakable, Scott Pilgrim, Aquaman, Once Upon a Time, Victoriana, Aces & Eights, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, Hero System, Pathfinder Fumble Deck, Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck

Editor’s Note:

Sanford and Son theme, “The Streetbeater”, was written by Quincy Jones


  1. Brian
    Brian August 13, 2013

    Personal Favorites:
    Robotech, History, Call of Cthulhu (game), Spy/Theif/Assassin games, board games, Rambo.
    Old School old school epic wizards. Necromancy! Take THAT harry potter.
    Paranoia: Silly and awesome.
    Old School Hunter (Vampire: The Masquerade) the one without special powers. Build you ultimate badass! Just guts, guns, and even a 13th gen neonate is a hell of a good honest fight.

    Personally, anything where you have a normal or weak character with one very powerful advantage and a difficult challenge is awesome. Who doesn’t secretly love it when the totally mortal badass just dives into the underworld and starts taking fate by the balls?!?

  2. Hopeless
    Hopeless August 13, 2013

    Favourites: Appleseed movie the one where they explain Deunan’s mother, favourite character is a cleric of Helm because he managed to pull off outright miracles when the chips were down and the dm ignored everything about my character’s backstory and then complained when another player didn’t turn up because he had their character story involved!

    What did you think about the Guardians of the Galaxy footage?

    They might have clamped down but it looked incredible all 30 seconds!!

  3. MikeB
    MikeB August 13, 2013

    I would like to say that Daredevil pic is awesome. Well done sir.

  4. Sam
    Sam August 14, 2013

    Back in the 00s there was a Real Time Strategy Game called Impossible Creatures.
    The Game Play was average for the time, but the amazing part was that your whole army was made of monsters built by combining 2 animals. That’s right, before you fight you chose what parts to combine of what animals to get better stats, or special abilities. Some of the special abilities were obvious (A Chameleon head gives you a ranged attack, it’s tongue, and a Chameleon tail had a camouflage ability), and some were a bit more bizarre (a Dragonfly had a diving attack which was the most powerful attack in the game) but they added so much creativity and replay value, that Impossible Creatures is my favorite RTS game.
    For some reason this great game did not do very well, and has not become a franchise.
    I think Impossible Creatures is both Awesome and Underrated.

    My Rpg system of Choice is the D6 System. It started out as West End Games Star Wars, but it evolved into a simple balanced system which could be applied to any setting. The Rules are available for free online, and it is the easiest system for a GM that likes to tinker and build his own games.
    The character creation and rules are easy enough to grasp, I can get a new player up and running in an hour, and yet so easily added to you can add as much minutia and modifiers as you want without changing the basic core rules.
    The D6 system has a small cult following, but not nearly as many as it deserves.
    I think the D6 system is both Awesome and Underrated.

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