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Time – Ep126

Be careful
Be careful…

One of the trickiest things you can add to your game is the manipulation of time.

We discuss this topic and its dangerous implications on the game.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Mark, Deuce, Dan, Shannon, Dave, Jayson and Shawn

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Mutants & Masterminds, Doctor Who, Heroes, Star Wars, Matrix, Rant, Back to the Future, Push, Wheel of Time, 12 Monkeys, 1984, Looper, Butterfly Effect, Time Traveller’s Wife, Quantum Leap, Dungeons & Dragons, Army of Darkness, Star Trek, Time Cop

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  1. Sam
    Sam September 10, 2013

    Excellent Topic and Excellent Discussion Guys, but you missed the most important time travel movie of all…time: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
    No scene has proven that time traveling cannot be given to the players like the car keys scene.
    Thanks for another great episode.

  2. Brian
    Brian September 12, 2013

    Love you guys, and the music was awesome. I listen to the podcasts going back and forth to work, so you guys bookend my crappy days with goodness.
    Best use as a player: Had a Cappadocian Vampire (dying clan) who not only had visions of the future but mad visions on top of it. Highly religious, I wrapped the entire thing into a test of faith and conviction. This was one of the best experiences with a DM I have had, because not only was the future clouded in mystery that had to be interpreted, but you felt a personal investment in that future.
    Best as a DM: I’d like to say Werewolf’s past lives series (modified) was absolutely awesome. You popped back and forth thru bloodlines and felt the impact all the way back to the present. I learned a large amount about how legacy can be a positive story element. People actually had to protect their children knowing that their future selves were at stake.

    Personally, I agree greatly with the statement that an unwritten and alterable future makes the most sense for my gaming. I like the idea of rallying to change one’s fate, and however difficult, it must exist as a possibility or the entire game feels futile.

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