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Rank and Privilege – Ep130

Ah memories...
Ah memories…

Some games that we play have an inherent rank structure. Some other games (most that we play) have built in perks for being born into or elevated to a privileged status.

Are we playing these aspects of the game right?

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Greg and Shawn

Intro: Jayson

Outro: Shannon

Items Mentioned:

Legend of the Five Rings, Twilight 2000, Rifts, Only War, Dungeon World, Savage Worlds, Dungeons & Dragons, Birthright, Star Trek, Rogue Trader, Death Watch, Shadowrun, Cards Against Humanity

One Comment

  1. Adam Rönne Idänge
    Adam Rönne Idänge October 26, 2013

    I´d like to offer an example for a civilian that , perhaps, may have a understanding of the “rank” structure. I´d be a cop and a Martial artist. Cops have a similiar life fire situations and martial artists have a ranked teacher student relationship. The moves can really hurt you if you aren´t attentive full time =)

    Just if you wanted a easy example.

    Very interesting discussion guys. A couple of let´s plays got me into roleplaying (the dresden files RPG) and I´m gobbling up any info I can get.

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