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Orcs – Ep133

Corrupted Elves or Grown from Mushrooms...
Corrupted Elves or Grown from Mushrooms…

What is it about our favorite green-skins makes it so we can’t get enough of them?  D&D, Warhammer, Shadowrun, it doesn’t matter. We love orcs.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Shannon, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Dan

Outro: Dan

Items Mentioned:

Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Shadowrun


  1. Thredok
    Thredok October 30, 2013

    Really enjoyed the show, as I always do, and while I don’t know about Greyhawk orcs I can comment on Golarion orcs (Pathfinder campaign setting). They released a player companion book entitled, as you might expect, Orcs of Golarion. They do a very good job of both exploring the “humanity” and culture of orcs without shattering the idea of them as creatures to be killed. Dent it maybe as they do mention exceptions to the standard nature but over all they are a viscous and brutal group. Very much like rodents, I know people who have pet rats they think are the sweetest things on earth but I don’t know anyone who wants a colony of them living on the same street.

  2. Tom
    Tom November 28, 2013

    I wanted to say that I loved this episode but you totally missed World of Warcraft’s orcs! They have a whole culture & whatnot, even if they were somewhat ripped off from Warhammer.

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