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Rocket Age & Retro Sci Fi – Ep143


One thing that fascinates us is the old pulp era science fiction… Flash Gordon, John Carter of Mars… Now there is a game from Cubicle 7, Rocket Age.

Ken Spencer, line developer for Rocket Age joins us to discuss this great genre and awesome game.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Greg, Shannon, Jayson, Ken and Shawn

Intro: Shannon

Outro: Shannon

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Rocket Age


  1. Russell
    Russell January 9, 2014

    Really liked the podcast. Though I wish the Vortex system could have been gone over and that you did not mention Pinnacle’s Slipstream, the other pulp science fiction setting.

    Now onto Tower of the Ape ep. 7!

  2. Hopeless
    Hopeless January 10, 2014

    Any plan on releasing maybe a one shot of a game of this as a podcast?

    Was wondering whether you’d use pre-gens or see what your group would like to play?

    Have yet to hear a podcast of a game using the Vortex system would love to see how you and your fellow gamers would handle that!

  3. Mike H
    Mike H January 17, 2014

    The Rocket Age LARP sounds like it could be a blast!
    Certainly another good opportunity for some most excellent cosplay!

  4. Scott
    Scott May 18, 2016

    I liked the John Carter movie as well, and was disappointed when the trilogy fell through.

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