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High School Superhero Campaigns – Ep154

The best example of what it's like to play hero high.
The best example of what it’s like to play hero high.

Playing superheroes in high school gives you the opportunity to lighten the mood and can open up a lot of storytelling options.

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Chasity, Greg, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Eric
Outro: Eric

Items Mentioned:
HERO System, Smallville, Mutants & Masterminds, Sky High, Star Wars, Star Trek, Shadowrun


  1. Rick
    Rick March 25, 2014

    There is no mention of spider-man. Was not spider-man the quinitisetal high school super hero? Also the person Chasity is playing is reminiscent of Katie Ka-boom from animaniacs. Don’t forget about Freakazoide. The alter ego is a high school student. But thank you for finally brining this game to light. I have heard it referenced in other episodes but I have not had the opportunity to play.

  2. Hopeless
    Hopeless March 26, 2014

    You know I have this image of a supposedly nonpowered character whose always able to spot the people with invisibility or illusionary cloaks…
    I wonder how to run a long running joke where the girl with the bad reputation (looks like a biker girl outside of school and in it if she can get away with it!) whose actually quite good hearted but is a “Batman-in-training” with a villainous parent but not going the way of the Huntress would work well in a game?

  3. Hopeless
    Hopeless March 26, 2014

    Have this image of a supposedly nonpowered character whose always able to spot the people with powers that would normally render them undetectable as a long running joke through a campaign maybe even have this come in useful as a subplot.
    Has any of your characters been nonpowered in these high school games?

    • MikeB
      MikeB April 15, 2014

      No we haven’t had any non powered students yet in the campaigns. Even the ones who wear gadgets tended to be super smart or something at least.

  4. Hopeless
    Hopeless March 27, 2014

    Sorry about that, computer problems or should be broadband problems since I didn’t realise until just now that message was posted twice!

  5. flypknight
    flypknight April 21, 2014

    You mentioned in the podcast that you came up with a mini-game for the PC’s attending classes. What kind of mini-game was it? I’m curious because I’m thinking of running my own high school supers campaign and thinking of how to incorporate everyday school sessions.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable April 21, 2014

      Mike broke the classes down into knowledge skill rolls that were weighted with bonus and penalties based on various factors such as attendance and roleplay. He broke the semester up into segments so that the students could know what their grades were currently and what they needed to do (i.e. break into the teacher’s office to steal a test) to pass the next segment.

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