Fuel, Snacks & the Gamer Diet – Ep159

Fuel, Snacks & the Gamer Diet – Ep159

For years being a gamer meant that you consumed massive quantities of pizza and Mountain Dew. Has this aspect of our sub-culture changed?


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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson & Shawn


Items Mentioned:

Jolt Cola, Surge, Gen Con, Caramel Dittos, Rap Snacks

5 thoughts on “Fuel, Snacks & the Gamer Diet – Ep159

  1. No Mountain Dew, plenty of diet lemonade and cola with various crisps, mini sausages and of course sweets…

    Never had Pizza as far as I recall at a gaming session did have Chinese on an occasion…

    Almost 8 months since my last gaming session…

  2. Never had MD in my life (Swede). We make popcorn, and maybe pizza if time allows (so much better to make by hand). No soda only tea (cheaper). We´r all students and martial artists/physically active.

  3. The group would meet at a restaurant and eat while discussing the battle plan for the game that night. Then after the game we would go get ice cream or pie and discuss what needs to happen at the next session. Never ate at the table. And drinks were to be kept on the floor incase of spilling.

  4. Tea, fast food especially chooseburgers from this place called Wataburger. In my youth it was the only thing open in the ENTIRE DAMN TOWN… but still awesome.

  5. If we’re recording, a bag of chips to be eaten at opportune times. If it’s a casual game whatever food the players bring me to eat. They can have some too, I guess.

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