Despicable & Dastardly – Ep162

Despicable & Dastardly – Ep162

Villains are one thing, then there are those that are so hated that the heroes will stop at nothing to get at them.

What are the qualities that make a villain despicable and dastardly?

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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Brandon, Shannon, Jayson & Shawn


Items Mentioned:
Game of Thrones, X Files, Conan, True Detective, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Saw, Hannibal, Braveheart, Harry Potter, Heroes, Loki, Breaking Bad, Karate Kid, Legend of the Five Rings, Mystery Men, The Boys, Hellblazer, South Park, Hunger Games, Gladiator, Star Wars, Robin Hood

4 thoughts on “Despicable & Dastardly – Ep162

  1. Long John Silver! He didn’t murder anyone to get his place as captan. But he made it personal by not only killing Jim’s father but making Jim trust him and like him, then showing his self as the bad guy.

    But the worst part about being the villain is that people only see you as the villain. Skywalker only became Vader so he could learn the force to save his wife and child. We think the smoking man is a villain because we don’t see the outcome he sees. Good and evil ,hero/villain is only perspective.

  2. Love this topic.
    First I think for a practical sense, they have to be somehow out of reach or able to survive long enough to somehow influence you emotionally. I’m all about emotional investment. Something about them has to rub you the wrong way, inspire revenge or revoltion, generally effect you in some way that sticks out from the rest. If you feel indifferent to the villian then there can be no true conflict. Same goes for ones that can be ganked too soon. Easilly forgotten is not a trait worth having.

    Second, some form of ambition, drive, or motivation that sets them apart.

    Third, they have to get to be able to be able to take something from you that your player as well as the character value. Usually it is emotional and intangible. Sometimes the best villians can take something from you that is totally abstract, like peice of mind, or do somethig so horrible that you are compelled to face them.

    Last, most are selfish in some degree. This sounds simplistic, but it is a common element. Some of the best are twisted and don’t even see the pain they cause, completely oblivious to it. Like the paladin who murders orc children, and refuses to come to reason oblivious to the fact that his act is unjust.

  3. So question for you all what villains are good guys.
    I think marvels magneto is a good guy mark ng poor choices after all he is defending his race and revan he was a good guy who went bad and became good again.

    What about good guys who a bad guys.
    Judge dredd comes to mind he executes the law no matter what.

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