D&D 5th Edition and the Price of Gaming – Ep164

D&D 5th Edition and the Price of Gaming – Ep164

Has the price-point of D&D 5th edition raised the bar for the cost of gaming?

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Cast – Eric, Shannon, Dan, Brandon, Mike, Jayson and Shawn

3 thoughts on “D&D 5th Edition and the Price of Gaming – Ep164

  1. Neighborhood stores lose out when it comes to pdfs. as they don’t have a way to distribute them. Does it seems like the companies are, to an extent, in competition with the retailers? Seems weird. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but it is such a tough business for game store retailers.

    David S,
    Minnesota, USA

  2. I don’t think its so much that they are at war with the retailers but with the distributors. Obviously this has an effect on retailers indirectly.

  3. I don’t know about PDF sales so much but I know stores like Amazon have to cut into game store profits. They can’t compete with the discounts and delivery.

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