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Supplements – Ep168

What are some of our favorite supplemental material for the games we play?

If you have some input on this, leave a comment here, via email or on our Facebook page.

Cast – Eric, Shannon, Dan, Brandon, Mike and Shawn… oh, and Jayson

Items Mentioned: Victoriana, Shadowrun, Ravenloft, Dungeons & Dragons, American Gods, Burning Wheel, Pathfinder, Punisher Armory, Dungeon Crawl Classics, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Pendragon, Penumbra



  1. Sam
    Sam July 1, 2014

    I agree the Smoke is the best Victoriana source-book. It gives texture, Npcs, monsters, everything you need to make the city work as a setting.
    There is another book that is my favorite supplement, called the Book of the Smoke. It’s an in-character guide to 1930’s London’s occult scene written for Trail of Cthulhu. It’s very well written with countless adventure hooks.Those two books in conjunction are all you need for a long running London campaign.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable July 1, 2014

      Good one! We hadn’t heard of “Book of the Smoke” before, but it looks awesome and is definitely now on our must have list.

      • Sam
        Sam July 1, 2014

        Sure thing. If you are running a game in London in the 30’s you can just hand the book to the players and let them pick and choose what to investigate. Why wasn’t this done before?

  2. Joe C
    Joe C July 1, 2014

    Love the show guys, but I miss you guys talking over the intro music. It was a good lead in and in my opinion, gave the show a little more professionally edited feel.

  3. Rick
    Rick July 2, 2014

    I found the best supplemental books are the ones that go deeper into each character class. Veterans such as yourselves probably don’t use them much any more, but a hobby gamer noob such as my self find a great deal of inspiration in them. By looking in each sub class and having a broad general idea of the type of game that is going to be played, I have a better chance of messing with the GM and keeping the game interesting for me and my fellow players.

  4. Brian Scott
    Brian Scott July 4, 2014

    Great options especially the old Complete books. The Quintessential line by Mongoose paid respect to them for 3.x folks, but the writing wasn’t as good in my opinion. For Cthulhu oddly I got more use out of old newspapers and my copy of the 1902 Sears Roebuck Catalogue. There was one small one with a full zepplin diagram and plenty of crunch that I liked. I confess I fell into 3.5’s trappings of endless sourcebooks, although I still feel there is considerably more within pathfinder. Ultimate Campaign is fricking awesome, especially since it is in their free PRD online. I’m a sucker for city/campaign/legacy rules. Another favorite was the 2ed player’s guide for Vampire the Masquerade notable for its listing of HIGH level diciplines and VERY nasty explosive and military grade weapons. Everything an insane brujah needs to wreck a campaign.

    Some, are naturally too limited to do much more then take your cash. 3.5’s Cityscape, Sandstorm, Frostburn, and Stormwrack might all have been condensed into one or two books. Rumor is design has a standing concept of the one or two feats in the book that you like justifying ownership of the entire book. Although there is such thing as too much, some of the flood of d20 books packed with feats and monsters seemed rather too much crunch and not enough flavor or vice versa. I do think AEG had a few nice ones, there were some very good tables in their Toolkit for instance.

    Frankly, I feel someday I’m gonna stumble on some long forgotten ULTIMATE DM TABLE AND SYSTEM book that I’ll just go nuts over. I seem to find fragments everywhere, but not the holy grail.

    On a personal note, My first tests came back. Cancer treatment is working! I think I’ll celebrate by organizing my gaming collection.

    • this_is_Dan
      this_is_Dan July 7, 2014

      That is awesome news! On a side note I found a replica of an old Sears & Roebuck catalogue at a flea market and thought it would be great for Cutuhlu (but not at his asking price lol).
      Good luck on your rercovery!

      • Brian Scott
        Brian Scott July 13, 2014

        Dan if you want, I’ll happily ship some stuff to you. I’ve the sears catalog, several newspaper reprint books great for turn of the century and texas gunslinging stuff, and I was planning on condensing that stuff anyway.

        Just let me know what kinda stuff you are looking for. I have a philosophy that I’d rather see an item used in someone’s campaign (for the good of the hobby) then rotting in a box.

        • this_is_Dan
          this_is_Dan July 14, 2014

          Thank you but im sure it would only taunt me like so many of my other game books lol.

          • Jayson
            Jayson July 27, 2014

            Shut up, Dan. If the man wants to send us stuff that I can use to equip your character and then shoot him in the face with a buffalo rifle, let him. 😉

            How’s the tx coming, Brian?

  5. Avi
    Avi July 18, 2014

    Good episode. You get a share for mentioning my favorite game, burning wheel. The best game I know for role playing in an RPG that feels like an RPG and not just storytelling. As you say, burning wheel gold is gorgeous.

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