Intolerance – Ep169

Intolerance – Ep169

There is an underlying virus in our sub-culture called intolerance. Whether it is gamers against gamers over the “right way to play” the games themselves, Marvel versus DC, Story gamers versus Sim-gamers or “authentic” nerds versus “fake geek girls”, the list goes on and on. The bullied have become the bullies and enough is enough?

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Cast – Eric, Shannon, Dan, Brandon, Mike, Jayson and Shawn

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Pathfinder, Comic Books, Dungeons & Dragons, Gen Con, IO9, Dungeon World, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Fiasco

8 thoughts on “Intolerance – Ep169

  1. Man, this topic brings up several memories and a few drops of shame. First, I personally have issues with any male dominated culture. The fact is Gaming back in the day really was GREATLY leaning towards single males. Look at virtually any of the artwork from the early 70’s and 80’s D&D and you’ll notice who their audience was. In Fact, one of the things that bridged the rift between the old grognards and the early drama brats (D&D vs V:TM) was the fact that more women were attracted to the V:TM style of writing and gaming then your typical D&D group. I personally know several gaming groups that merged because of a… well lets say romantic ‘hopefulness’ on the behalf of some of the players.

    Its sad to me that so many gamer girls had their introduction through ex boyfriends. In fact, one my favorite DM’s stayed with the hobby because she found it on her own and didn’t have the same experience as her friends. I remember several groups that become completely caustic due to the immaturity of their male counterparts as soon as female members became part of the group. *sigh* Evolution is slow for your average lonely nerd…

    There is a phenomenon within our culture to become fiercely territorial within that thing that give us the most joy. I think it becomes from the fact that many of us didn’t simply adopt a hobby, but embraced it as a safe place to explore a part of outselves that we couldn’t in the normal world without social complications. Perhaps it was comics, movies, ect… that linked you with your first real friends. Startrek clearly means much more to a Trekkie then your average fan, because something deeply personal developed within them with Startrek as part of the catalyst. Replace (Startrek) with whatever your item is and you might find yourself more defensive then you’d expect.

    Personally, I am just happy to find another gamer. I still remember when we were rare and targeted. I don’t really give a crap if you want to argue a gaming point to me. I’m just happy we can speak gamer.


  2. First, as always thank you for listening.
    B, Though I do believe (or want to believe) that gaming communities are becoming more inclusive and open; you certainly don’t have to lurk on the internet very long to see we still have a long road ahead of us.

    1. Very true my friend, but we have the benefit of positive exposure reaching this generation. My son has a virtual explosion of media and social connections that come from his favored subculture choice. These days we are far more likely to get a positive response from a gamer logo on our shirt then a shunning and whispers. I’m sure you remember those days. Now they don’t burn our stuff on the lawn, but promote it in Hollywood. I guess if the world can change, perhaps we can grow a bit more accepting ourselves. I’d hate to think I shunned a potential ally and friend because they enjoyed a particular edition of a game I love. If there was one thing I learned from vampire its that games only get sooo much deeper and more creative when we add the other half of humanity (women) to the mix. Some of the best gamers I know just happen to be female. 🙂

      1. Ain’t that the truth!
        I wish our group had done what we’re doing now ten years ago. Then again, I highly doubt it’d have gone as smoothly. It’s definitely a good time to be a gamer.

        1. I’m glad we’ve welcomed our new gaming sisters to the table. Shannon is a hoot and I’m still amazed at how she’s just become one of the guys. Brandi may have cured my tendency to flirt it in character: she flirts right back and pulls no punches.

    1. Just kidding. It was an honor to hear my name mentioned in the same podcast as Ed Greenwood’s. I’ll be sure to share this one with Jay. I know he would enjoy it too.

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