Social Media Gaming – Ep171

Social Media Gaming – Ep171

Something we know a little about is the next wave of tabletop gaming, social media gaming. It is using social media to make connections, find games or even play the games themselves. We asked our friend Kevin to join us to help elaborate on this and share his experience with it.

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Cast – Eric, Dan, Kevin, Brandon, Mike, Jayson and Shawn

Items Mentioned:
Twitter, Google+, #VagabondGamers, Dungeons & Dragons, Gumshoe, Nights Black Agents, Mutant City Blues, Deadlands, Savage Worlds, FATE, Streetfighter, World of Warcraft, Gen Con, Spirit of 77

5 thoughts on “Social Media Gaming – Ep171

  1. I run 2 weekly online Hackmaster campaigns with G+ hangout / Roll20 and its been working great. I only use G+ for gaming. There is a really large group out there easy to try new games and even online conventions.

    1. #1 free with little need to get a game going. G+ lets you do it free and you use what you want and how you want like running roll20 right from it it might not be the best VTT but for 90% of games you only need it free version.
      There are other VTT that play some games better then other and some Like Fantasy Grounds with game books you can buy and have at the table so to speak for you players but that adds cost and time to the game.

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