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Character Attachment – Ep173

Why are we more attached to some characters over others? We share some of ours and try to figure out what it is about them that we got attached to.


Cast –Eric, Shannon, Dan, Brandon, Mike, Jayson and Shawn


Items Mentioned:

Mutants & Masterminds, Scott Pilgrim, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Walking Dead, Last of Us, Final Fantasy 7, Game of Thrones


  1. Danny
    Danny August 6, 2014

    Nice Sean ( ??? ), “Sound like Dan’s more attached to it than her” 😉

    Sounds like the attachment was to the mechanic more than the character

  2. Brian Scott
    Brian Scott August 7, 2014

    Mechanics are part of the character in an RPG. If I’m an Olympic Long distance runner, then that ability is strongly tied to my self concept within the game. I have tried converting characters thru editions and found time and time again that there is often a sense of loss there because often that character IN ACTION was different. When you are a DM, you are focused on character personality and motivation because the mechanics are secondary. I am the DM so I can give whatever *ability* I want and it means little. When I’m a player it is the character in motion, doing their thing, that often is at the forefront of their minds. If I build an assassin character I picture them usually in the act of peforming assassinations. If I’m a DM, I’m going to have their interaction socially in the mind’s window. I think its too simple to simply assume the player was hooked on the ability rather then the character, when in reality it may be vital to their concept of that character. If luke never learned any force abilities, frankly, he’d be a whiny nerf herder wouldn’t he? Our Olympic champion spent enormous efforts physically and psychologically to work the discipline to become what he was. If the system doesn’t reflect the vision, then the ‘fun’ factor just breaks down and If you aren’t having fun in your ‘game’ then wtf is the point?

  3. Chasity
    Chasity August 9, 2014

    I agree that I am more attached to characters with traits and flaws more like my own, for instance I had a gnome sorcerer in pathfinder with the antagonize feat and provoked every enemy we fought. However my first thought was about character attachment from the gm side since when I am the gm I see the characters like a movie In my head and it is easy to get attached, and I like to see the group as a whole as opposed to just 1 characters interactions I see the whole and become invested in the interactions of the whole group

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