LARP – Ep178

LARP – Ep178

For years we have scoffed at them. LARPers are an aspect in our sub-culture that many don’t understand and LARP was for weirdos or theater majors.
Recently we decided that it was hypocritical of us to judge something we knew so little of. So a couple of us decided that we would try it. Low and behold, we kind of liked it.
LARP isn’t for everyone, it isn’t even for all of our cast, but it is an activity that many find rewarding and that is why we decided to talk about it.

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Cast – Eric, Shannon, Dan, Kevin, Brandi, Jayson and Shawn

Items Mentioned:
Gen Con, Call of Cthulhu, Brass & Steel, World of Darkness

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  1. If you are looking for a longer LARP….The ultimate LARP claims not to be a Larp at all: the Otherworld Adventure Weekend.

    I originally found out about it in David Ewalt’s book “Of Dice and Men.” The DM of Ewalt’s D&D group was a volunteer for the event and convinced him to go. The chapter of his experiences has been posted on

    “The obsessive, delusional side of fantasy role-playing”: From Dungeons and Dragons to live-action role playing

    My wife and I attended, and we both agree it’s something we would do again…if we could. You can only attend Otherworld once as a participant. After that you can be part of the 80 (!) volunteers that help put on the event.

    There were 8 adventuring parties of 6, each representing one of the different realms in Otherworld. Our party (from Uri-Kesh) was 3 sets of married couples, none of us knew each other before the weekend. We had all found out about it from Ewalt’s book. That being said, although there were a number of participants who were rpg gamers, the majority were not.

    From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, we met challenges, solved puzzles, were creative, got a bit of exercise, and battled enemies. It’s not a traditional Larp as you don’t play a character other than a heroic version of yourself. That being said, you do choose your own name and get costumed up as you see fit.

    It’s hard to describe Otherworld. Ewalt does a pretty good job, but it does fall short. If you had never seen the Aurora Borealis (northern lights), I could tell you that it is an amazing, and rare, night time sight, but my describing it does not in any way do it justice. That’s Otherworld. I can tell you it’s cool, but if you are not in the middle of, experiencing it, you really don’t “get” it.

    I have been brainstorming as to what I want to say about it for a post on my own blog, but I have had trouble putting it down in words. Describing the adventure is fraught with spoilers, and I will not be the one who does that. A lot of it was experiential, and that’s a difficult topic to describe -adequately. For as good of a weekend I had; my wife had an even better one. She was buzzing about it for some time afterwards, and a bit wistful as to the fact that it was over, and we will never be able to experience it again for the first time. She really shined, and I got to see her in a way I haven’t before. We got to do something few will ever do. We met 4 new people who I now consider friends. (and even started an online D+D skype/ROll20 game so we can stay in touch.) We got to participate in some adventures in a faraway land!

    It only happens one weekend a year. It takes commitment to devote the time and money to get to Connecticut. But I am throwing it out there for the Gamer’s Table gang and listeners for consideration. Otherworld is a very rare thing.

    David S.
    Minnesota, USA
    aka Lt. Davion – Ranger
    Uri-Kesh 2014 participant alumni.

    Otherworld site:

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