Rolling vs Point Buy – Ep183

Rolling vs Point Buy – Ep183

Have we come full circle? It would certainly seem so. With our upcoming 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game, we had to decide what system of generating stats we wanted to use… point buy or rolling them.


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Cast – Dan, Mike, Jayson, Shawn, Eric and Shannon
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3 thoughts on “Rolling vs Point Buy – Ep183

  1. I can’t believe nobody brought up my favorite way to make D&D/pathfinder characters, the Organic method. You roll 4d6 six times, discarding the lowest die each time. Place in order as rolled. Reroll any one ability score of your choice, taking the new roll if it’s higher. Then switch any two ability scores. This makes your best ability in the stat it needs to be in but you might be suprisingly good at something your class is not known for. You might be suprisingly bad but such is the rolling way.

  2. For those of you interested in Eric’s idea of exploding D6’s in 3d6 down the line, I came up with this idea. I sent this idea to Eric about a year ago and he loved it, so hopefully you all like it too.

    You roll 3D6 and reroll all 1’s with a +1 bonus to the next roll. So if the original roll was 2+2+1=5, then the reroll of the 1 was a 3, then the new total is 2+2+1+3=8. This also makes the lowest possible stat achievable 2+2+2= 6 instead of 1+1+1= 3.

    Now if you want, you can make it more interesting by making any additional 1’s stackable. So let’s assume that instead of a 3 on the first reroll you defied odds and got another 1, defied odds again by getting another 1, and finally rolled a 3, so 2+2+1+1+1+3=10. So now your new total is now a 10 instead of the original 5.

    Now to make the stackable 1’s not ridiculous, I would put the stipulation that the stackable 1’s can’t add up to more than 18 with the dice total. So if you rolled 6+6+1+1+6, your stat would still only be 18 even though it actually adds up to 20. This prevents getting too high of stats in a stat system that is indented to keep your stats low. Thus your character is prevented from having game breaking bad stats without also having game breaking good stats.

    I hope you guys like the idea and I hope it saves somebody from getting a 3 in any stat regardless what type of character you play.

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