D&D 5th Edition Impressions: Low Level – Ep199

D&D 5th Edition Impressions: Low Level – Ep199

D&D5 Lows

No, this is not a review of the game. We are gamers, not game critics (though some say you can’t be one and not the other).
We waited until we played the game before we recorded our thoughts on the system and how it’s presented.

Cast – Jayson, Shawn, Eric, Shannon, Dan, Mike, Brandon and Brandi

Items Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons, Blood Bowl, Hackmaster

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7 thoughts on “D&D 5th Edition Impressions: Low Level – Ep199

  1. I currently have two groups, one in which I play and one I run as a first-time DM. In the group I play in, the restoration of all HP after a long rest has been a literal life-saver many times, as our DM likes to keep things deadly. Admittedly, things have been escalating over the course of the adventure, so it wasn’t always necessary, but the last several sessions have had the PCs emerging from fights much the worse for wear. If you feel regaining all HP after a long rest is too lenient, there are alternate options in the DMG.

    The one rule I’m not exceptionally big on is the rule for critical hits. In the D&D Next playtest, the rule was that you would automatically do max damage plus an extra die. Now you roll twice the amount of dice that you would normally roll for damage. This is especially good for, say, rogues who can add extra damage dice due to their Sneak Attack bonus. That said, it still comes with the chance of rolling lower than you might if you’d just rolled one die. (E.g., I could roll 2d6 and get a total of 2 damage as opposed to rolling 1d6 and rolling a 6.) I’ve decided to house rule this by splitting the difference between the two rules. Whatever you’d normally roll for weapon damage is automatically maxed out, so players only roll the extra dice. (For example, the rogue crits on a sneak attack at 3rd level. Normally, he’d roll 3d6–1d6 for his weapon plus 2d6 for Sneak Attack bonus–but with the crit, the total dice would be 6d6. The first d6 automatically has the result of 6, so he rolls the remaining 5d6 and adds the total to it, as well as his damage modifier.)

    1. From the beginning of Hoard of the Dragon Queen i have run criticals as Max Dice Damage, it fast and consistent. It’s always a letdown when you roll double damage and do less damage than an average hit lol.

      Thank you for listening!

  2. So any criticism of D&D 5th edition is “narrow-minded”? This started out as the “not-a-review-Review” that turned into Gamerstable’s public service announcement endorsing D&D 5th. You folks couldn’t find ONE THING that you didn’t like about 5th?

    Plus, NEXT to zero “compare & contrast” of 5th with OD&D, 1st & 2nd. Guess your group doesn’t have those gaming roots.

    If “throwin’ mo dice” is fun (for EVERYBODY), how did D20 get so popular? How many dice do you throw with Mutants & Masterminds?

    Wow. Nice cave, people. Enjoy your free books, though.

    “Episode 200: Selling-out & why it’s COOL!”

    1. We do endorse 5th edition D&D. It’s really fun. We tend to discuss things that interest us and products that we enjoy. That’s not to say that EVERYTHING about 5th Ed is awesome. For instance, our consensus was that the eight-hour rest = full heal rule is a bit too lenient, though the old days of camping in a dungeon for days on end is quite boring for us.

      As for compare and contrasting, our group consists of a few old-school D&Ders but mostly newer gamers who don’t have a track record with 1st or 2nd Ed. There was some initial intent to compare-and-contrast, but it became quickly apparent to us that that would alienate a large section of the cast so we decided to keep them involved.

      Mutants & Masterminds is very fun, and popular with us. Point taken on the number of dice.

      Thank you for listening and taking time to comment.

  3. This is crap! WoTC sold out with 4E and don’t deserve any new support until they feel the full brunt of their turning against the community! The fact that you even have the books makes me suspect of your RPG bonafides. I bet WoTC kicked you down a few free dice for this “review”.

    I’m going to go back and start listening to a podcast with real opinions. Useless Drivel

    Robert from Useless Drivel
    Anonymous Internet Poster

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