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Failure vs Falling Forward – Ep205

Yes, but...
Yes, but…

Is failing okay, or have we gotten so used to success that it is expected?

Cast – Dan, Brandon, Brandi, Jayson, Shawn, Eric and Mike

Items Mentioned:
Burning Wheel, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Firefly, Rocket Age, Apocalypse World, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Skyrim, Mutant & Masterminds

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  1. Scott
    Scott March 17, 2015

    Another great episode. I am in awe at the number of game systems your group is able to keep actively in mind at one time.

    Love me some Chart Master…that is a great game especially when you trip over the imaginary deceased turtle and fire your crossbow pinning your foot to the ground. You can get some great and weird crit descriptions. I can remember a pirate character of mine once killing a Spanish Captain with a crush crit while using a rapier. But, even RM is exhaustive when coming up with amusing descriptions of Crit/Fails and it can get boring after a while. Still, a great game.

  2. Scott
    Scott March 30, 2015

    Where is the pic of the really interesting parking job from? It is an Israeli Centurion is it not?

      • Scott
        Scott March 30, 2015

        Hard to tell with the main gun buried in the sand like that.

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