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Rebellion & Revolution – Ep208

Art by aaroni268
Art by aaroni268

As Americans, we have been raised with a reverence with rebellion and revolution. So, as a concept, it is something that we find easy to apply to our games.


Cast – Mike, Shawn, Eric, Shannon, Dan, Brandon and Brandi


Items Mentioned: Star Wars, Firefly, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Hunger Games


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  1. Scott
    Scott April 7, 2015

    First, I just like to ask if they sell whatever happy pill Shannon takes up here in Canada? She is always SO up beat…I could use that in my every day life.;)

    A thought provoking ep. I don’t think in all the games I’ve played over the years I think we’ve included revolution and rebellion in only one campaign. Years ago a buddy ran a Rolemaster game set in a kingdom that had been invaded and conquered by the Goblinoid races and the PCs became leaders in the Resistance Movement. That and of course Star Wars are probably it, however.

    Another good rebellion rpg is “Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein” (uses the Heresy system from Victoriana) though you do have to have a group of players that like things very dark in their rpgs…I’ll let you check it out rather then describing it here, believe me you’ll say “YIKES!” once you’ve read it.

    Also, a company has come out with a setting for Savage Worlds called “The Battle for Oz” that sounds pretty interesting as well. Again, kind of dark, but interesting.

    • MikeB
      MikeB April 9, 2015

      Battle for Oz? Like Chessboard men vs Card people? That’s my kind of fantasy!

      • Scott
        Scott April 10, 2015

        Isn’t that Wonderland? Battle for Oz (apparently) is Tin Men soldiers policing the streets and Straw-man Assassins stalking the land. And the Dorothy in this is more akin to Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow then Judy Garland. I really have to pick this up one of these days.

  2. Scott
    Scott April 9, 2015

    “Brady Bunch outlook.” I love that term.

    • Scott
      Scott April 10, 2015

      Speaking of Firefly when is the next live play production planned for release?

      • Gamerstable
        Gamerstable April 12, 2015

        Firefly has been placed on the back-burner. We agreed to a partnership and are respecting our partner’s busy schedule. So our next AP will be Shadowrun and we start(ed) recording 4/15.

        • Scott
          Scott April 14, 2015

          You guys are doing a Shadowrun game? SWEET!

          • Gamerstable
            Gamerstable April 19, 2015

            Yessir! Shadowrun: The Dragon Variation is recording as of this comment, hopefully to be released later this summer.

  3. jabawalky
    jabawalky April 11, 2015

    Have to thank you for giving me an idea for one of my campaigns : there is a good church who is against slavery in HM i am going to have them run a slave ungrounded and they are working on getting the slaves to revolt. Cant wait to see how my players handle this when they find out who the behind it

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