Spotlight – Ep216

Spotlight – Ep216

Some heroes know how to share the spotlight
Some heroes know how to share the spotlight

One of the fundamental aspects of table-top RPGs is the sharing and distribution of spotlight time. Whether it is simply through turn-based play, subplots or even good manners, spotlight is something that is vital to the game but, many times, so easily overlooked.

Cast – Dan, Mike, Brandon, Brandi, Jayson Shawn, Eric and Babs

Items Mentioned:
Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Victoriana

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4 thoughts on “Spotlight – Ep216

  1. Long dive to oblivion.
    Your best hosts are/were Mike, Mark, Shannon, Brandi.
    Over the last dozen episodes it’s just douche Dan trying to be profound and hear himself speak with his ¿less imaginative? childhood friend spitting Golden Age cinema jokes devoid of context.
    Get a clue…or at least cut down the host tally to allow the interesting folks time to speak.

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