Healing – Ep218

Healing – Ep218

Best job in the galaxy
Best job in the galaxy

Every game has it… but which ones do it right?


Cast – Eric, Brandi, Shannon, Mike and Dan… oh and Jayson too


Items Mentioned:

Dungeons & Dragons, Harn, MERP, Hackmaster, Mutants & Masterminds, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, Star Wars, Pathfinder, Star Trek


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7 thoughts on “Healing – Ep218

  1. I really had hoped they would have revamped the hit point and healing system in D&D 5e…but, nope. In fact I think it makes less sense then earlier editions. The one thing that I really can’t stand is Second Wind for fighters. Why only fighters? Why can’t Paladins and Martial Clerics get this at first level as well? They all have the same training. It is just another thing that was bolted onto D&D because it sounded cool. Oh, well.

    Good ep as always.

  2. Harn isn’t HARP. HARP (High Action Roleplaying game) was indeed made by Iron Crown Enterprises, the makers of Rolemaster, and it was supposed to be a quicker variant of RM.

    Harn is a super realistic, simulationist, low magic, medieval-esque fantasy game. It has a really neat and detailed setting (Harnworld) and the combat system has some great features, like hit locations and armor varying by hit location, which makes the combat feel much more realistic. For that reason, Harn gamers are pretty loyal to Harn. Maybe out of some Stockholm Syndrome like belief that if you accomplish anything in Harn, it was truly an accomplishment.

  3. I am surprised you did not touch on DCC’s take on healing. I find it to be a nice variant of the traditional D&D healing system. It allows you to play clerics that “don’t suck”. Interested to know what you guys thought about it when you played.

    Love the podcast by the way!!!

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