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Savage Worlds Lovefest – Ep225

Savage Worlds Love Fest

We love Savage Worlds, there’s no doubt about it. But what is it about the game that we like?

Cast – Mike, Shannon, Dan, Eric, Jayson, Brandon and Brandi


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  1. Sam
    Sam August 4, 2015

    A very timely topic for me, I picked up Savage Worlds 3 weeks ago and have run it twice. I was just starting to pine for a Gamer’s Table Episode.

    Savage Worlds is terrific as a generic system. It’s a great game, with lots of potential for setting specific tweaks. Combat is incredibly fast, but still satisfying.
    I plan on running superheroes and Kenneth Hite’s “The Day after Ragnarok” with this system in future.

    • this_is_Dan
      this_is_Dan August 4, 2015

      Thank you for listening!

      I highly recommend the new Supers and SciFi supplements.

      and to quote Shane, “Stay Savage”


      • Scott
        Scott August 8, 2015

        With the Sci-Fi Companion you should also mention The Last Parsec. Since the Companion is basically the main rules section for TLP. A setting I can also highly recommend.

  2. Scott
    Scott August 4, 2015

    Great episode about my favourite system.

    If you guys want to try out some Weird West action in SW, but don’t want to go as far down the rabbit hole as Deadlands I can high recommend the new The Sixth Gun. Also, thinking about what you said about the Blood Bowl idea, you might want to check out the Beasts & Barbarians Gladiators supplement. It has a rule set for running a gladiator league; which should port over to Blood Bowl fairly easily.

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable August 4, 2015

      Good ones! We used Beasts and Barbarians for our Conan AP. That’s why Loviisa is such a badass

      • Scott
        Scott August 8, 2015

        Jayson needs to get over his prejudices 😉 The Sixth Gun is a mix of Six Shooters and Sorcery that is the right mix of chocolate and peanut butter for anyone. The Weird West beats the Wild West hands down.

        • This Is Jayson
          This Is Jayson August 8, 2015

          Agree to disagree, sir. Kidding aside, I’m not completely opposed to it. I just think the best Western flicks are straight (Lonesome Dove, True Grit, etc) and the worst have magic/weirdness in them (Wild, Wild West, Jonah Hex, etc).

          • Scott
            Scott August 9, 2015

            I would hope the GMs in your group are able to come up with better ideas for a Weird West game then something like the movies you mention…which I admit were pretty bad. Though Wild, Wild West was more steampunk then six shooters and sorcery.

            One of the concepts I really enjoy about SW, particularly the stuff put out be PEG, is that they take something familiar (ie the Old West, WW I & II, Rome, etc) and then throw in the strange just liven things up a bit.

          • Scott
            Scott August 9, 2015

            Seriously, though you should give The Sixth Gun a try.

  3. Scott
    Scott August 4, 2015

    Then there is PEG’s grand announcement at GenCon for…Flash Gordon!

  4. Fanboyjim
    Fanboyjim August 11, 2015

    I’m looking for a 1 shot zombie adventure and you mentioned the Wild Hunt, but there is not zombies in it. How did you change it?

    • this_is_dan
      this_is_dan August 15, 2015

      Sorry I just saw this,

      I modified the adventure to be strong on the zombie side (Sunday game loves them some zombies lol) and I had them [zombies] spawn from the graveyard outside the church. Everything else was pretty much the same. The group ended up fortifying themselves in the gas station — that they had broken into.
      To me this is one of the strong points of SW: easily modifiable.

      Thank you for listening,

  5. Oliver Shead
    Oliver Shead August 15, 2015

    I’ve never actually played Savage Worlds, but it sounds really great. There is a lot to say for simplicity. How does it go for really long sandbox campaigns?

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable August 15, 2015

      Our experience with Savage Worlds hasn’t been with a sandbox style of campaign. I have been told, with no reason to doubt, that it is very conducive to long term play and sandbox styles.

    • this_is_dan
      this_is_dan August 15, 2015

      After my current run DMing D&D 5e I intend on running a long-term Savage Worlds campaign.

      Now the question is what genre!


    • Eric Lamoureux
      Eric Lamoureux August 18, 2015

      I’ve been running a Beasts & Barbarians sandbox campaign for almost a year and it’s still going strong. In fact, we about to open up a new “chapter”. I don’t believe a game system has any bearings on it’s ability to support a sandbox campaign.

      Savage Worlds’ trademark published campaigns are called Plot Point Campaigns and it’s a sandbox. You have a metaplot consisting of a dozen or so linked adventures and then some extra adventures you can throw in. And you can also throw in your own side treks or full campaign arcs into it. 50 Fathoms for instance is location based. Different events happen when you go to certain places on the map and whether the group has decided to be pirates, smugglers or privateers.

  6. Scott
    Scott August 24, 2015

    I missed this the first time around. There are, actually, opposed rolls in SW; Test of Wills (ie Taunt and Intimidation) and Tricks are opposed.

    If you guys try just one maneuver in Savage Worlds the Taunt/Intimidate, Push Prone, Wild Attack (commonly referred to as the SW Curb Stomp in some circles) I’ve seen highly recommended.

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