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Gen Con 2015 Recap – Ep226

Are you ready?
Hello Gen Con my old friend.

Once again we have braved the land of con-crud and emerged (mostly) unscathed. We shopped, we gamed and we ate Pizza Di Tito. Gen Con… simply the best.

Cast – Brandi, Mike, Shannon, Dan, Mike, Jayson and Brandon

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  1. Scott
    Scott August 12, 2015

    Sounds like quite the trip, and fun as all get out. One piece of advice, however, I wouldn’t mention “Heros of Cosplay” to Cosplayers; apparently it isn’t that well liked.

  2. Thesauradon
    Thesauradon October 29, 2015

    Eclipse Phase is not from the makers of Cthulhutech. Eclipse Phase is written and published by Posthuman Studios, Cthulhutech is written and published by Wildfire Games. Neither company or Game was actually owned by Catalyst.
    Both companies had their original print runs published by Catalyst Game Labs, but Posthuman and Wildfire switched to independent publishing after Catalyst went under.

    This was over half a decade ago, now Eclipse Phase has published 8 sourcebooks with a number of adventures, game aids and an official character builder. And is actively publishing a new book every year.

    Cthulhutech has languished. After their original books published with Catalyst, Wildfire only managed to get out one or two additional sourcebooks, ran a number of promotional campaigns that never delivered to customers, and suffered from controversial forum posts made by the developers over the content of their scenarios. However, Wildfire is seeing success with their new sci-fi horror game The Void and are actively Beta-Testing a second edition of Cthulhutech. Cthulhutech may have merely been sleeping, not dead.

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