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Chasing the Dragon – Ep230

Is your game hitting the pipe?
Is your game hitting the pipe?

Can you re-capture the magic?

Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Brandon, Brandi, Mike and Shannon

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  1. Scott
    Scott September 9, 2015

    Another amusing episode. Is the Dune game mentioned a real thing you guys are going to be doing? If so which system do you plan on using?

    • Gamerstable
      Gamerstable September 9, 2015

      No it was a joke. Though Eric would love to play it sometime. He has the Last Unicorn version.

  2. Hussman
    Hussman September 10, 2015

    ‘Heroes Reborn’ actually continues the story, picking up 10 years after the series finale. So not so much a re-imagining, as it is a continuation.

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