Backgrounds – Ep231

Backgrounds – Ep231

Wait... how is this guy first level?
Wait… how is this guy first level?

We are divided. Some feel that character backgrounds are essential to integrating characters into the story, and as a result increase the player’s immersion level. Others, do not.

Cast – Shannon, Dan, Eric, Jayson and Mike

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4 thoughts on “Backgrounds – Ep231

  1. First, I will say I haven’t listened to the pod cast. I will when I get home from work tonight. Backgrounds can be helpful to get a feel for you character, but they can also be misused…the whole “this is my father’s sword” I believe is a misuse you guys like to quote. One of the reasons I like Savage Worlds is the Interlude mechanic that allows you to build character backgrounds as the game progresses making everyone stay on track.

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