Games We Haven’t Played but Want to – Ep232

Games We Haven’t Played but Want to – Ep232

Games we want to play

More than a wish list, these are games we own, have owned or will own that we are really wanting to play.

Cast – Brandon, Dan, Eric and Jayson

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8 thoughts on “Games We Haven’t Played but Want to – Ep232

  1. Good episode.

    There is a book in the Beasts & Barbarians line called Gladiators, and apparently it has rules to run a seasons of a Gladiatorial league. You could probably house rule that quite nicely and do a hack for Blood Bowl.

    I believe the other Western game from PEG you are referring to is The Sixth Gun and it does most definitely has zombies…it is a game of six shooters and sorcery. Right now it tops the list of games I want to try.

    Also, PEG is coming out (early next year) with a SW edition of Rifts and they are writing some pretty nifty rules for it from what I’ve heard.

  2. LMAO!! There are two points I would like to make about the remarks made in this episode.
    1 I am not slow Blood Bowl player. I have probably seen or played 100 plus games and they all take around 3 hours to complete. Eric is the only person I know who can claim to be faster as most of his players are ejected before the half.
    2 Smug Golfer! I can see it still stings to this day doesn’t it Brandon.LOL

  3. While I have run a game of BASH! Ultimate Edition, I have unfortunately never had a chance to *play* it, so that’s probably the game in my collection that I most want to get to. (A close runner up would be BASH! creator Chris Rutkowsky’s swashbuckling game Honor + Intrigue.)

    Other games I still would love to play include—in order of preference:
    Star Wars (Fantasy Flight Games)
    Dead of Night
    Any Powered by the Apocalypse (esp. Apocalypse World and Dungeon World)
    Savage Worlds
    Shadow of the Demon Lord
    Any GUMSHOE (esp. Night’s Black Agents and Trail of Cthulhu)

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